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Let’s start a “Good Monday “

7 11 STore hahhaha

People of earth: If you see someone in need of help right in front of you, take a minute to help them. It will brighten your day.So who did I help today that brought on this post?I helped a half- blind man at convenience store today. He was at a coffee vending machine trying to purchase his coffee he couldn’t figure out what buttons to push to select the type of coffee he needed. People at the store next to him kept staring but didn’t do anything. I offered to help him and everyone just watched us. It was his first time at the convenience store branch so I showed him what coffee to get on, asked the store manager  to assist him until he leave the store (he was not happy about it but oh well) and sat next to him in few minutes until my slurpee is done. He was pretty interesting. Him and his daughter just moved to Pasig City from Leyte and he said he wanted to get his dog used to the environment in Pasig. He’s a computer programmer and his daughter is a call center agent.

Is that good enough for this Monday Morning?   Helping those out those who need it. Not charity or any thing just good old kindness.




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This year is over and yes, I’m still single.


It’s December 31 2017, and everybody who’s close to me on would know by now that I’ve been doing an annual flashback since 2004. It’s basically a run-down of the things I loved and learned throughout the year, which includes achieved goals in all aspects of my life. Everybody who’s close to me would know that the area I struggle most in achieving goals is in my “romantic life” (which is to say the absence of it). This year I include a KPI of the number of dates I need to achieve. Well, for this year, I FAILED. I was not able to go on 10 dates this year. In fact, I haven’t gone on a single date at all. 0/10.

10? Some people would say that should have been easy. Sure. That would have been easy, if I wasn’t so “PIHIKAN”, according to Tita 1, Tita 2, Married Friend 1, Married Friend 2, Friend’s Husband 1, Friend’s Husband 2, Ex-Officemate 1, Ex-Officemate 2, etc.

Maybe I’ve been single for a year that I’ve become immune to all the possible reasons people say I’m single. Sometimes I even get a kick out of seeing the reactions of Tita 1, Tita 2, to my responses when they ask me why I’m still single. The best so far are 1. Horror and 2. Disgust to the response “Di ko pa nabibili yung lalaki, Tita, eh.”

But really, it gets tiring sometimes to respond to the same question over and over again. Especially when 1. Your little sister gets engaged and 2. Your cousins get girlfriends. You’re the last one in the family they could ask that question to. Well, I’ve decided to answer this way and I hope all the Titas are reading.“Masaya po akong single, Tita. Hindi naman po ako mag-isa.”

Here are few reasons from this year:

  1. I’m single so I have less distraction. I was able to focus on work and be much productive
  2. I’m single so I don’t worry about a plus-one seat at a wedding. I’ve attended several weddings this year and friends never had to try and accommodate an extra seat for me. I was obviously very active at my sister’s wedding, being a bridesmaid and all, and at one of my friend’s weddings, so if I had a plus-one, he’d just be sitting awkwardly at the table those times.
  3. I’m single but that doesn’t mean I don’t want kids. I do get some practice spending time with my favorite nephew, godchildren and friends’ kids.
  4. I’m single so my family is my priority. This is probably the most time I’ve spent with the family over the span of a year – my moms’ movie date, aside from actually living weekly at home with mom and my younger sister .
  5. I’m single so I don’t seek permission to go on an excursion with friends like instant gala
  6. I’m single and dateless so I make my own dates. I don’t have to worry about whether this person is free to meet up with me on this date or what. I watch concerts, movies, play alone and I enjoy.
  7. I’m single so I get to plan my own birthday. No birthday surprise for me this year from any of my groups of friends, but that’s fine because it was never anyone’s responsibility anyway.
  8. I’m single but never lonely on Valentine’s Day and Christmas… I’m happy to spend these days with family and friends .
  9. I’m single so I can decide on my own how to spend my hard-earned money and invest for my future. I hear it often enough that once you get married, your priorities change, and you take care of expenses that are not just your own. There were some disappointments on the financial side for me this year but at least I’m only responsible for my own financial decisions.
  10. I’m single so I take care of myself. No one else will do it for me. I’m way past the stage when my mom must feed me and prepare my food.
  11. I’m single and taking this time to continue to discover more of myself. I’m getting to know new strengths and weaknesses now that I’ve already in my thirties. I do believe that couples are not two halves but two wholes that come together. The happiest couples I know are the ones that exemplify this.
  12. I’m single so I do the things that make me happy. Most of the married couples I know tell me all the time “sulitin mo na ‘yan habang single ka” and I can see what they mean. I’m free to spend my time traveling to new places and experiencing new things. I don’t even mind going back to the same places I’ve been to like Cebu, Bicol ,SG, and Sagada.
  13. I’m single so I make my own choices. This is not to say that people who are not single cannot make their own choices but I’m just saying that after everything I’ve said or written down, at the end of the day, I’m living my life the best way I can. I chose my own investments, what job to apply for. I can choose how and with whom to spend my life with.
  14. Being single does not define me. My relationship status does not define how I live. I don’t have a boyfriend or a husband. I don’t have children. But that does not make me unhappy.

And so, next year, I choose not to include dating in my goals anymore. I still choose to live life to the fullest. I still choose to be happy the way I see happiness to be for me. Cheers to 2018! And as usual, thank you to all who made my 2017 memorable!


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Is anyone planning on pre -ordering the iPhone X?

You’re planning on pre -ordering  the iPhone X?  It’s $999 for a phone… Oh I’m totally getting one. In four years. When the iPhone 16 comes out. That’s about my rate of renewal. I had to upgrade to the 6s when they no longer supported my old iPhone. My concern about the new phone is all glass. I need a phone made of super ball material. I need it to bounce when I drop it. Now that’s my kind of phone! Someone needs to invent that! :p

This is the first time I have not been interested in much less excited about a new iPhone launch. I am not sure how the newer models would make my life better. Is face recognition better than fingerprint sensing? Do I really need a larger screen than what I have on the 6S Plus? Do I want to give up my independent headphone jack (given that I user pretty nice headphones)? Do I want to spend 999 plus the uplift for a 128 plus Apple Care plus sales tax for a phone that doesn’t really advance anything for me? Does reverting to a glass back sound good? The answer to all of the above is “no”. This 6S Plus 128 had better last a while.

Apple marketing is increasingly becoming like others – a lot of words, numbers and specs to try and knock you over. The magic in their clean marketing of yore is gone through and through. Since there are more players in the smartphone market now, new features (if you can call it that) may be revealed by Android clones though I don’t see any exciting features from Android clones too. They’re mainly incremental changes of features usually first introduced by Apple, eg fingerprint scanner, sharper displays, chamfered edges etc . Was there anything groundbreaking in the Note 8? So its only natural to think you’ve seen all this before, until someone reimagines the next communication device. Also, every new iPhone release is prefaced with a steady stream of leaks months before the release and these leaks are now more accurate than before.


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This cannot be accepted as normal

Why does he think “rape jokes” are necessary or funny? This is the Philippines now. Everyone makes fun of anyone. There is no adherence to what we call the common good. Everyone defends tactlessness with strategy. Oh when will we ever learn? And they call me narrow minded.

I have refrained from posts dealing with our politics but this is one about the right thing to do.You may admire the president for his vision and his plans but it does not diminish how you support him if you call him out on words that have no place in civilized society. It’s not about being red, white or yellow. It’s ALL about being a decent person which you want the next generation to become.

And to those who are trying to defend him or are trying to justify his repeated acts uhm, I’d rather not say anything bad against you. I’ll just pray. I PRAY TO THE HEAVENS AS WELL that kids will not grow up thinking that rape jokes pertaining to our mothers, sisters, daughters, grand daughters & nieces are okay and funny. President  has to stop these rape jokes which are NOT jokes, cute or funny. Maybe no one among his children questioned him why he was throwing material and verbal trashes from way in the past. It could also be that he refused to listen.

 Do not laugh at what President has said. It demeans. It impugns dignity. Remind the president it is wrong so he can do better the next time around.Isn’t Pia Wurtzbach a supporter of the president? Perhaps she would be at best position to tell off the president that this isn’t

1) a solution to drugs
2) a solution to terrorism

3) a solution to anything.

The one thing that I know for sure is that sooner or later, everything cones to an end.

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In our culture, “What are you worth?” is a question about your finances and utility, not your character. To be a “suc­cess” means you have more at the end than you did at the start. We say “you can’t take it with you” but we be­have and judge as though you can.

If your worth is limited to what one has have amassed or the positions one has occupied, then your education did not achieve its purpose.If the stories we tell involve others who have influenced our lives or have given us direction, then your life has been well lived. Or if we have made a difference in others’ lives. If we can influence others to succeed or be the better version of themselves, we can say our life is serving a great purpose.

But I always think that everything has its phase. Maybe it is the phase of that persons life when he is just enjoying the material things he can afford. Why such attachment to materialism? Maybe he was deprived as a child, but whatever the reason is, I don’t want to judge them They are just living the life that they want.

Life, anyway is education by itself which continues to change, update and expand. To be an instrument of change is never self serving unless we brag about it. Honestly, there are no right or wrong answers, only personal judgement and consequences.

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A swan song sadly ungraceful

statsHe’s still a great fighter. I really think he should retire though 🙂 but statistics don’t lie. He should’ve won.

Manny Pacquiao should retire before he gets seriously hurt. He is still the greatest fighter in this generation no matter that he lost to Horn. It’s Arum and Roach who want him to fight because they make lots of money. Manny has enough money to make his children and grandchildren live comfortably. He can be a good senator when not planning for the next fight.

Some reports claim he has advances for future fights. I hope he retires and still be healthy. His claim to fame has been established and will remain, but he should know when to bow out. I know very little about boxing. I supported him less and less the moment he decided to become a politician and boxer at the same time. I don’t celebrate his loss, but I’m not agonizing at the supposed unfair decision. I don’t agree with his politics.

I do feel for the man for I can’t even begin to understand how it is to face the twilight of your career not only with a humiliating loss, but receive no sympathy from many of those who once cheered for you. But then again, it’s really all about the money. $$$ Win or lose, Manny earns millions.

I don’t regard Pacquiao’s fights as actual sporting competitions within an actual sports league, a career path, etc. They are all just money-making spectacles nowadays. People are saying he should retire. He actually retires after every fight and just fights again if the whole commercial enterprise of Team Pacquiao cooks up another event so they can earn several million dollars more. I think he should concentrate on his political stint. But there again, not. Hoping he would not make it to becoming president of the Republic of the Philippines.




Valid Reflections

Just read a friend’s post update in the evil Facebook how she “wished” she could tour Europe, but had to save for her child’s tuition fee. And I thought, this is true especially if you have mouths to feed other than your own. The reality is, you need money to survive in this world. It is not *everything,* but it is a BIG FACTOR.

I never been married or engaged, no kids.  I live by myself, I pay my own bills, and I remember being asked: “If you were to choose just ONE… what would you pick: Work for MONEY OR PASSION?” Now in my 30’s, I can say… without any hesitation, regret or apprehension that I would pick the cold hard cash over the raw fire in my belly. Why?! Because I realize now that nothing in this world is FREE… and to fund my passions, I need to pay my way (instead of relying on others to buy them for me).

My passions include reading, eating & investing, but would I be able to purchase the books I want to read without money?! NO. How about preparing for retirement as I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate investing .Donate for causes close to my heart, like women and animal and children rights without money?! NO. How about eating healthy food? I couldn’t afford it , if I don’t have any money. So yes, I’m willing to sacrifice many things like my beauty sleep & free time for a large paycheck, if it means earning (more than) enough to fulfill my passions without sacrificing my health, because obviously, health is wealth.

There is *nothing* so gravely wrong or “loser” about taking the path more traveled. Choosing the “normal” road or getting a regular paycheck or a conventional job/business doesn’t automatically mean that you are turning your back on your creative passions.

I don’t want to sound like a “dream killer,” but I speak from experience. Face it, things add up. You cannot live on passion alone. By itself, it will not feed you or your family, not unless you’re already swimming in dough to begin with. Unfortunately, that’s not the truth for majority of people in this world. Not even for me.

You cannot (realistically) afford all your dreams. At least, not all the time or all at the same time. That’s the first lesson a person has to learn that he can’t have everything and to find fulfillment and happiness with whatever he has or can afford. It’s not enough to dream *big.* your earning capacity must also be BIG. “Money cannot buy you peace of mind. But it can buy more freedom in life. “ This is why I really “grew up” to be the person I am today: passionate & ambitious in a decent manner. So there. Think about it. There is so much more to say, but I suppose I should leave that for another post.