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Smoke-free health profession!

I would have to agree with them on this smoking bills . =) Honestly, I find it ironic Medical Doctor’s smoking. At least the Philippine Medical Associations (PMA) making a stand on it. The tobacco industry has shifted its attention from the west to the east. PMA do not have the funds to battle the tobacco industry with an education campaign. Role modeling should be the cheapest route. My father loves to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day for so many years and I’m worried to his health and even we talked to him to quit smoking, he’s still continuing it hoping and praying that he won’t die in a smoking-related diseases.Might as well ban all doctors from eating fatty fried foods and inactive lifestyle. But how can this be enforced, this? we have so many laws / restrictions that are not enforced and looking good only on paper. 😦 In medicine schools alone, you can see clumps of Medical Doctor Professors along forbes puffing smoke. The PMA has no teeth with this but publicly stating such is a start. I just want a smoke free atmosphere, so I completely support this!


Glee was great! Loved Charice!

ok just watched glee. sister is still watching glee. she repeated at least 10 times the part where Charice sang Listen. I bet that when I’m done taking a bath, she’s still watching that over and over again. hahaha…when she’s at home and not working or studying the laptop is burning hot from watching Charice videos. Now she’s burning our TV! 🙂 Charice rocked it! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


no-weekend-homework thing is a DISASTER!? :(

Read the newspaper earlier, DepEd.  want the “no homework over the weekend” thing to succeed?I strongly disapprove of the Department of Education memo that says that public school elementary kids are not supposed to be given homework over the weekend.

I’d say that homework isn’t the problem; it’s the KIND of homework that should be “regulated”. If home work is a repeat of the drills, memory work and brain-deadening exercises they do in school, then it SHOULD be dropped.  But if home work is designed to enrich the lesson or to expand concepts so that they are experienced at home, then I have no issue with it. Not even when I have to help little cousins for 100 sharpeners because the teacher was trying to integrate Math, Art, Science and Social Study into a counting/recycling project. ;p Prepare now!

In banning, there is no chance of quality results to begin with. I say, give them reasonable, results-oriented and (i agree) relevant homework’s rather than none at all.

Sure, I remembered myself during those years when I was piled with home works during the weekend but in retrospect, I learned the value of sacrifice, of learning how to multitask and prioritize. Things I ought to know and experience before I reach adulthood and even puberty. With this mandate, the Philippines is breeding lazy, slow and immature students. Value learning’s are fundamental during the formative years of personal growth.

Let them scar and wound themselves, as we were before, and let them struggle to realize that life is not as easy as it may be. Strike whilst the iron is hot! I like the rationale, actually.But unless the guidelines are reasonable and clear, unless they streamline the curriculum and fix it so that it targets performance mastery and not just imbibing content, unless they train the teachers to be assessment experts, then this thing will fall flat. It’ll be a band-aid solution to the problem of education, and it won’t achieve its objective. That’s my two cents.


“the best day eveeerrrr…”

I’m happy because I saw the sun rise today. I got to sit back and take the time to appreciate such a beautiful vision that I usually takes for granted. It’s been a long time since I had some spare time to just take in the beauty of the world around me. 🙂 I’m thankful, from online to offline friends, both here and those based around the world. Definitely loves birthdays! Thanks again everyone for all the birthday love! :)insert spongebob singing* “the best day eveeerrrr…”

random thoughts

“Every Sperm and egg cell are Sacred.”

Although I abhor child abandonment, Philippines is fast becoming a fetal attraction the way new-born or unborn babies are dumped in the most unlikely places. What can be done to abort this embarrassment? I’m truly mortified and horrified by this evil act, I can’t believe there are mothers so evil to dumb their baby, where is her heart, so displaced. This was in the news just recently here in Philippines that a baby was dumped in a trash bin of gulf airlines, according to the newspaper, by the way, the mother of the Gulf Air baby has been found and she is now in the custody of the authorities. This is a miscarriage of human rights! If we allow this, what will we have left? The crime is surely one of stratospheric gravity. Hoping no miscarriage of justice happens. Enact into law the Reproductive Health Bill and formulate and enforce national government policies and programs on reproductive health. This is to ensure that women do not end up in situations where they have to commit abortion. There seems to be a lot more cases of fetus dumping anywhere in the world. Bad people will always do bad things regardless of what is in place.


Filipino Values Worth Keeping

We have many Filipino Values worth keeping and empathizing. On the other hand, we cannot definitely say that a certain value is better discarded than kept. Rather, its is the way by which we allow these values to influence our behavior which must be thought about and controlled.

Take for instance, pakikisama, hiya, utang na loob. They are innately good because they satisfy basic needs. But they may also lead to unfairness, favoritism, and the like.

Of course, there are definite negative values, like lamangan, kanya-kanya, pakitang tao, and bahala na which really hinder development.

We must, therefore, try to develop those values geared towards the common good. Examples of these are. In addition to those mentioned before, respect for elders , high regard for women, helpfulness, thrift and industry.

Because values are usually intertwined with family concepts and feelings, we should think as a family. This “family” concept applies not only to our parents, siblings and relatives, but the entire nation as a whole.  What happens in the family stays in the family You are my brother I will fight with you, squabble with you, but I will die for you rather than watch someone else do the same. In other words, we should regard all Filipinos as brothers. Such lifestyle will eliminate negative values like lamangan and pakitang tao. Pakikisama would be for all.

These aside, high regard for women should not give way to double standards in morality. Respect for elders should include learning from them so that our lives could be better enriched. Hospitality should not necessarily give others what you can’t afford to give.

Most of our values are good to keep and develop. If they are faithfully observed, they will better help us enjoy life and build a stronger nation.

random thoughts

Following the media “grilling” from the senators yesterday.

I think Mike Enriquez is a nervous wreck, which tends to over-exaggerate the reporting of any event, whether it’s hostage taking or a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mike and his co-workers should moderate their shrieking voices because they tend to create national panic. Reporting is not noise-making. Mike should make good as jeepney passenger barker or an auctioneer! In fact he should not be allowed to host/anchor any news/public affairs type of program. But he’s not alone: there’s not much difference between him and other GMA anchors as well as from his primary network competition. They’re all in the same boat.Sometimes when I watch him, l always hit the mute button. 🙂

Television is sight and sound medium. So if you don’t sound pleasant and you don’t look pleasant… what business do you have being in front of the camera? That’s where the problem begins- when the networks place a much higher premium on profits over sound journalistic principles and practices. It’s useless to try to instill the primary news media with sound ethical principles and practices because it’s like mixing oil with water.

Sometimes it’s so confusing on what or who the government really wants to focus on. The crisis or the so called “wrong” of the media, putting the country in “bad light”. Oh really? I hope this gets resolved before October for the first 100 days of President Aquino.