Cuinary School

To all the people that want to go in a culinary school I’m sure most of you are preparing questions that you want to ask the administrative or the marketing personnel of the school you’re wish to be enrolling for. I’ve only had the chance to work with a culinary school ( ) for almost five months . My experienced working there was like a roller-coaster ride. How do you plan to ask questions to your dream culinary school? I got them for YOU.

What I did was, I list down all the commonly asked questions of our clients during my stayed there. I hope this helps:

  1. How long have you been existing?
  2. Where is it located?
  3. Do you have other school branch aside from Makati?
  4. Who are your faculty members?
  5. Can you provide us a brief profile of your faculty members
  6. What makes you different from other school like CCA and St. Benilde – La-Salle?
  7. Can you explain the programs?
  8. What is the grading system?
  9. How many days per module?
  10. How many allowable absences?
  11. Do you have Saturday or Sunday classes for short courses?
  12. Are provided each of the equipment, tools, etc.?
  13. Will I get job after this?
  14. Who are your partners for Externship and Placement?
  15. Do you have a restaurant when my child can be exposed to? Other schools have their restaurant exposure where students prepare and serve guests.
  16. Can my management and marketing subjects be credited in your culinary programs?
  17. Do you have individual students doing laboratory work or everything is done in grouping?
  18. Will there be night classes?
  19. My child is just in High School; can he/she cope with the rest knowing he/she is just a High School graduate?
  20. Do you place graduate abroad?
  21. How much is your tuition fee?
  22. What compromises the miscellaneous fees?
  23. Are there any hidden charges that we might be surprised in the event we pay the fees?
  24. What are the inclusions of the fees paid?
  25. Are the ingredients and other materials included in the fees?
  26. Are the books included in the fees?
  27. What kinds of books do you require?
  28. Will there be a culinary tour and is that included in the tuition fee?
  29. Can you help my child actually eventually to get into college? Will his/her subjects be accepted in college?
  30. Are you TESDA registered?
  31. Are you sure that you will get your TESDA certifications?
  32. What happens if we enrolled our child and you have not been registered with TESDA?

And the list of questions goes on and on… In my opinion, research really well in your target culinary school you’re going to enter. That is the only thing you can do to save you from many illegal culinary schools operating around the city.   I think this a good prevention measure for you whether you’re planning to take short or long courses make sure they’re registered in the government agencies that they’re legally and capable to operate and not a fake one.


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