China is turning the world upside down.

First, China has given us Red Capitalism, which is characterized by those ultra huge state enterprises that exert enormous influence on the global economy. Now, China is giving us a new information superstructure, which should be aptly called Red Journalism. It negates media’s traditional role as watchdog.The likes of China and Singapore prove that “powerful” and “wealthy” do not necessarily mean “blessed.”

As for the impact of china in the global economy, whose fault is it again if they can manufacture cheaper than anybody else? if china is what it is today, it is only because they know how to study and learn fast. they maybe a communist country but only in name because they have adopted the peculiar capitalism as practice in the west. they are turning the tables and the west is complaining and winning? west includes this country whose bias has always been American oriented with its fake democracy. what kind of true democracy can be practiced in this poor country when a large, very large percentage of its people are below poverty line? democracy with empty stomachs and retarded brains don’t work. is that not clear enough?

have we moved as a people despite the many mistake made since the restoration of the oligarchs and trapos as an aftermath of the fake revolution called people power?

if china did not rein on the democratic movement some 20 years ago and asserted the communist rule do you think china will be where it is now? if they did not institute 1 child policy, do you think they will be enjoying their relentless march to economic progress?

the problem with the country is it tries to ape American style democracy which cannot be adopted because the variables are simply different. As an Asian country, we have to conform with our historical precedents and that points to something not within the American style of governance. Marcos flourished because he was a strong leader and he ruled with a consort that acted regally. that connected the people intuitively to their past, in the age of datus and sultans.

If Malaysia did not have a Mahatir who defied the bulling of the USA and its financial institutions Malaysia would not be where it is now….What I can conclude here is that pinoys want a strong and benevolent leader to guide them if not dictate on them. i am not suggesting we copy china. rather we must go beyond our colonial past, to the pre Spanish period when Filipinos had culture and identity all their own. i suspect that will be more harmonious to the basic fabric of our people.

let’s agree, though, to be sober critics and not go overboard to the point of destroying further our battered morale. that would be counterproductive. let’s avoid sweeping statements about the government and about ourselves. and if harsh criticisms are called for, let’s also agree that this remains the exclusive privilege of every Filipino who remains loyal to the flag.


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