Our local producers are no matched to the producers of these chicken imports.

You may not believe but close to 20% of the country’s chicken consumption are cheap chicken imports, which the government allows with impunity . They mostly come from the US. McDo, Jollibee, Kfc, and other fastfood joints import them. Since  the US government sub-sizes their livestock production to help their poultry growers, these chicken imports are at least 40% cheaper than the locally produced chickens.

Our local producers. Recent studies however showed that these cheap chicken imports are linked to several diseases, including cancer. The vitamins and medicines mixed with their power feeds could be the culprits. Locally produced chickens are not given with those power feeds. They are safer although more expensive. We should stop buying those cheap chicken imports. Boycotting them is the only answer.

Cheap and highly subsidized chicken imports have flooded the market, adversely affecting the local poultry industry. They’re being sold in every fast-food joint. They are easy to discern. They’re sold in over-sized parts and not in whole.

According to industry leaders, chicken imports are sold in parts mostly legs, thighs, and wings. The American market prefers chicken breast because they are noted for lower cholesterol. Chicken imports are bigger weighing as much as 2.0 kilograms when undressed unlike the local broilers which are sold at around 1.2 kgs undressed. When fried, the bones of chicken imports turn black. It’s because they are deep frozen. Any restaurant or fast-food joint that sells undersized whole chickens must be selling local chicks. Mang Inasal, Maxs, and Aristocrats. We have to be suspicious with those that sell in parts. McDo, Jollibee, and Kfc are reported to have been heavy chicken importers.

How about the Max’s? The bones are black but not over-sized and whole. Some of Jollibee’s are still red when served. And with KFC the chicken are browned and in small pieces. Only McDo seems to fit. But I think these are thighs and wings because they usually don’t have the breast part especially with the chicken barbecue at Jollibee. And these are the dark meats and the part which they usually injects the antibiotics and other chemicals with.

These smuggled “franken-chickens” must be banned. But aren’t we asking too much from the current Customs chief, who’s very friendly with the so-called “MAJOR PLAYERS”, meaning top smugglers, they being his old gang-mates.We should always trust the judgment and wisdom of our better halfs. Maxs and Aristocrat are names to be trusted when it comes to food. They know their craft. Also those that sell lechon manok like Andoks and Baliwag.Those that sell lechon manok get theirs from local producers. These include Andoks, Baliwag, Senor Pedro, Mang Bok’s etc. We should patronize them.


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