random thoughts

Following the media “grilling” from the senators yesterday.

I think Mike Enriquez is a nervous wreck, which tends to over-exaggerate the reporting of any event, whether it’s hostage taking or a ribbon cutting ceremony. Mike and his co-workers should moderate their shrieking voices because they tend to create national panic. Reporting is not noise-making. Mike should make good as jeepney passenger barker or an auctioneer! In fact he should not be allowed to host/anchor any news/public affairs type of program. But he’s not alone: there’s not much difference between him and other GMA anchors as well as from his primary network competition. They’re all in the same boat.Sometimes when I watch him, l always hit the mute button. 🙂

Television is sight and sound medium. So if you don’t sound pleasant and you don’t look pleasant… what business do you have being in front of the camera? That’s where the problem begins- when the networks place a much higher premium on profits over sound journalistic principles and practices. It’s useless to try to instill the primary news media with sound ethical principles and practices because it’s like mixing oil with water.

Sometimes it’s so confusing on what or who the government really wants to focus on. The crisis or the so called “wrong” of the media, putting the country in “bad light”. Oh really? I hope this gets resolved before October for the first 100 days of President Aquino.


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