Filipino Values Worth Keeping

We have many Filipino Values worth keeping and empathizing. On the other hand, we cannot definitely say that a certain value is better discarded than kept. Rather, its is the way by which we allow these values to influence our behavior which must be thought about and controlled.

Take for instance, pakikisama, hiya, utang na loob. They are innately good because they satisfy basic needs. But they may also lead to unfairness, favoritism, and the like.

Of course, there are definite negative values, like lamangan, kanya-kanya, pakitang tao, and bahala na which really hinder development.

We must, therefore, try to develop those values geared towards the common good. Examples of these are. In addition to those mentioned before, respect for elders , high regard for women, helpfulness, thrift and industry.

Because values are usually intertwined with family concepts and feelings, we should think as a family. This “family” concept applies not only to our parents, siblings and relatives, but the entire nation as a whole.  What happens in the family stays in the family You are my brother I will fight with you, squabble with you, but I will die for you rather than watch someone else do the same. In other words, we should regard all Filipinos as brothers. Such lifestyle will eliminate negative values like lamangan and pakitang tao. Pakikisama would be for all.

These aside, high regard for women should not give way to double standards in morality. Respect for elders should include learning from them so that our lives could be better enriched. Hospitality should not necessarily give others what you can’t afford to give.

Most of our values are good to keep and develop. If they are faithfully observed, they will better help us enjoy life and build a stronger nation.


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