random thoughts

“Every Sperm and egg cell are Sacred.”

Although I abhor child abandonment, Philippines is fast becoming a fetal attraction the way new-born or unborn babies are dumped in the most unlikely places. What can be done to abort this embarrassment? I’m truly mortified and horrified by this evil act, I can’t believe there are mothers so evil to dumb their baby, where is her heart, so displaced. This was in the news just recently here in Philippines that a baby was dumped in a trash bin of gulf airlines, according to the newspaper, by the way, the mother of the Gulf Air baby has been found and she is now in the custody of the authorities. This is a miscarriage of human rights! If we allow this, what will we have left? The crime is surely one of stratospheric gravity. Hoping no miscarriage of justice happens. Enact into law the Reproductive Health Bill and formulate and enforce national government policies and programs on reproductive health. This is to ensure that women do not end up in situations where they have to commit abortion. There seems to be a lot more cases of fetus dumping anywhere in the world. Bad people will always do bad things regardless of what is in place.


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