no-weekend-homework thing is a DISASTER!? :(

Read the newspaper earlier, DepEd.  want the “no homework over the weekend” thing to succeed?I strongly disapprove of the Department of Education memo that says that public school elementary kids are not supposed to be given homework over the weekend.

I’d say that homework isn’t the problem; it’s the KIND of homework that should be “regulated”. If home work is a repeat of the drills, memory work and brain-deadening exercises they do in school, then it SHOULD be dropped.  But if home work is designed to enrich the lesson or to expand concepts so that they are experienced at home, then I have no issue with it. Not even when I have to help little cousins for 100 sharpeners because the teacher was trying to integrate Math, Art, Science and Social Study into a counting/recycling project. ;p Prepare now!

In banning, there is no chance of quality results to begin with. I say, give them reasonable, results-oriented and (i agree) relevant homework’s rather than none at all.

Sure, I remembered myself during those years when I was piled with home works during the weekend but in retrospect, I learned the value of sacrifice, of learning how to multitask and prioritize. Things I ought to know and experience before I reach adulthood and even puberty. With this mandate, the Philippines is breeding lazy, slow and immature students. Value learning’s are fundamental during the formative years of personal growth.

Let them scar and wound themselves, as we were before, and let them struggle to realize that life is not as easy as it may be. Strike whilst the iron is hot! I like the rationale, actually.But unless the guidelines are reasonable and clear, unless they streamline the curriculum and fix it so that it targets performance mastery and not just imbibing content, unless they train the teachers to be assessment experts, then this thing will fall flat. It’ll be a band-aid solution to the problem of education, and it won’t achieve its objective. That’s my two cents.


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