random thoughts

Smoke-free health profession!

I would have to agree with them on this smoking bills . =) Honestly, I find it ironic Medical Doctor’s smoking. At least the Philippine Medical Associations (PMA) making a stand on it. The tobacco industry has shifted its attention from the west to the east. PMA do not have the funds to battle the tobacco industry with an education campaign. Role modeling should be the cheapest route. My father loves to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day for so many years and I’m worried to his health and even we talked to him to quit smoking, he’s still continuing it hoping and praying that he won’t die in a smoking-related diseases.Might as well ban all doctors from eating fatty fried foods and inactive lifestyle. But how can this be enforced, this? we have so many laws / restrictions that are not enforced and looking good only on paper. 😦 In medicine schools alone, you can see clumps of Medical Doctor Professors along forbes puffing smoke. The PMA has no teeth with this but publicly stating such is a start. I just want a smoke free atmosphere, so I completely support this!


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