I am pro-life & pro-choice

I support responsible parenthood. I support informed choice. I’m pro-life, pro choice and pro-RH Bill . Pro-life isn’t just about pro-birth (or anti-abortion). It’s about upholding a better quality of life for your child. And if having a limited number of children will make that possible, then by all means, employ a birth control method that works for you. The ‘choice’ in pro-choice isn’t about terminating a pregnancy, it’s about preventing one. There’s a difference.

Personally, the church is no position to tell the government what to and not to do. They may not like the outcome of which side the flock will take. At a time when the church is receiving as much flak, they need to be more prudent in their stand. I just can’t imagine what kind of civil disobedience the CBCP will do as a protest to President Aquino’s stand on RH bill. They won’t pay taxes? But they’re exempted from doing so! They won’t hold masses? Then where will they get their collection if they do that? They’ll tell the poor to make more babies? No matter how persuasive we make our arguments for the reproductive health bill, I don’t expect the Church to back down, pre-Enlightenment as it appears. Artificial contraception and other aspects of reproductive health are perceived as a matter of morality. And to the Church, morality – bottom-line, what is right and what is wrong – is never relative, only absolute, with their stand white and our side black.

Just make the decision President Aquino because it is, and should be, a secular one. Don’t expect the Church to buckle now or in the future. hundreds of years down the line the Church will eventually admit its mistake. perhaps another apology like with Galileo and the Inquisition. assuming of course that it still exists then. I respect the Catholic Church, I really do, but this ain’t the Middle Ages no more. Better than taking orders from men in tasseled shoes, some of whom feast all day while the congregation they claim to minister to make do with less than scraps.

I just have no sympathy for religionists who meddle in matters of state but aren’t accountable. I’m very sorry for the catholic church stand, should you excommunicate President Aquino because of his stand of the Reproductive health bill.May I volunteer to be excommunicated also? I would gladly burn in hell that see millions of Filipinos suffer countless indignities and sufferings due to poverty! I’m really sad that my church is not changing with the times and soon our churches will be like those in the US and Europe .huge, nice but empty! May God forgive.

It’s about time the Philippine Catholic Church starts focusing on spirituality and stop getting involved in the business of politics; and the Philippine Government to start governing and stop using the Church for their own political gains. Due to the recent turn of events, I predict that the next best selling books would be Noli Me Tangere & El Filibusterismo. Whether it be the real novels, comics, truncated or kodigo.


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