Flight Attendants redefine safety protocols. LOL.

Bringing the fun in the skies to another level 🙂 Only in the Philippines … now, that’s what I call in-flight entertainment! Well, ya gotta give Cebu Pacific credit for thinking out-of-the-box. Hehe. 😉 While cabin attendants in Philippine Airlines, Inc. are going to strike, the Cebu Pacific attendants dance. Nice.This was done during mid-flight, the Flight attendants did the usual serious emergency instructions pre-flight (on the ground).

Are they kidding? How do they expect their airline to be taken seriously? I’m already nervous when I fly, and it doesn’t inspire confidence to see the people in charge of my safety to be prancing about like go-go dancers. How would you feel if right before your surgery, your doctors and nurses start dancing around you? This must be the idea of Gokongwei’s China connection during the Cultural Revolution in the 60s, Chinese attendants on trains and planes danced odes to Chairman Mao. It was of course revolutionary propaganda, I wonder what they would do if the other passengers join them dancing in the aisle the feeling I guess would have been like being in the set of Mamma Mia!

I’m not sure if this is a good idea at all…but what the heck… if the plane is going to crash anyway you might as well enjoy your last few moments on earth… on air.. whatever….I appreciate Cebu Pacific’s effort, but, as much as I’m sure the passengers will remember the performance, I’m not as confident in saying they will remember the information from the performance, which is obviously more important.Cebu pacific is very innovative. I’m not sure if this is acceptable in aviation industry though. The dancing is fun but distracting at the same time. The passengers will focus on the dancing rather than listening to the instructions. This shouldn’t be a joke…. that’s some serious information they’re giving out.

I’ve seen them do the safety features for the nth time, so I don’t mind. The first-time fliers are at a disadvantage.IF there IS an emergency, this dancing routine is counter-productive. People are bound to remember how funny and amusing it is (and probably what songs were played), but not the actual emergency procedure. 😀 On an actual emergency, they’re going to say, “Oh, what was that dance step when there’s an unlikely water landing.I’ll remember the dance steps more than the procedures. 🙂 They have better make sure the music is on if accident happens, or people might not know how to perform the safety measures, but creative to catch attention.


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