It’s “Sunday,” plain and simple end of story. hehehe.

Funny thing, the real radicals know they cannot change the world. Neither do their ideas. Eventually, the truth, being true does the job for them. Except in the minds of those who play god, there is no such thing as an illegal human being, only a failure in the recognition, application or defense of another human’s rights.Yes, some people may immigrate illegally, that is, the act of immigration by those means is illegal – but by who’s legal system we must ask?. To call people “illegal immigrants” is to classify them by an act rather than as people and I may add this name if freely used before before any such legal determination is made.

The values in ethics & morality isn’t measured by how much one side is better or holier than the other. They are measured by how much one side has respect for & empathize with the other. Enhancing these values depend on keeping consistent with that sense of respect & empathy in thoughts, words & deeds.

It is also why some parties want to remain invisible or ignore others in the discourse — if people discovered the roles of the invisible players & the ideas of the marginalized, everyone will discover that underneath the ethical & moral arguments were competing vested interests in economics & politics.


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