For we are all lifelong learners: Happy Teacher’s Day ♥

Today is World Teachers Day! Cheers to all educators, teachers, trainers, professors, doctors, and everyone who advocates the passing on of knowledge! This reminds me of,”Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around.”- Helen Peters

Why do teachers deserve a special day? Because some of the best, funniest, and kindest as well as most charming, wonderful & giving people I know are teachers. Because in teaching profession requires bravery, patience and heart—three traits that the world sorely lacks. Because, quite frankly, teaching is about love. Cheers to all the teachers who moved, molded and mentored me! Deeply grateful to all whom have been my teachers, inside the classroom and out.

To all the teachers out there, especially to those who changed my life, please take a bow. 😀 Thank you for being my inspiration and role models! HAPPY WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY!!! ☼


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