My Father

breakfast with our beloved father

One of the greatest lessons my father taught us is that money isn’t everything. He shunned offers for career advancement and other things that meant time away from his children. Others took this as a lack of ambition on his part. Truth is he had ambition, but it wasn’t like anyone else’s – it didn’t involve having a big house, a fat bank account, and luxury cars. What he aspired for was to be a good father, to be able to devote his time to his kids, and guide us through every stage of our lives.

It certainly wasn’t easy for him. His faith has been tested a number of times but he has not faltered in his belief. I think there’s a particular reason he makes such a wonderful father, it’s because he does not get in the way of the grand plan for his kids. He recognizes that he is here to guide us and teach us sound judgment, but not to call the shots for us.

He constantly reminds us that whatever consequences result from our independently – made decisions will be for us to face independently, as well, and this has made my sisters and I very cautious in the things we do.

My father understand that he does not own us because there is a greater Being that placed us here, therefore he never acts like he deserves to be treated in a certain way or that we owe him anything for all he does for us. He never stakes claim on the achievements that we had. He is content to stay on the sidelines where he is often hardly noticed, and let us enjoy all the glory.


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