What does you like best about writing?

So here I am: sitting on a chair, typing in front of the computer, hoping to get a decent realization as I write. My parents taught us to write down those things that really matter to us such as birthday of a friend or an item would be need to bring to somewhere. My mom up to now writes little notes of encouragement to us even weren’t kids anymore. There are times that I used writing to apologize to my parents.

I’ve gotten so used to writing on a computer that I’ve forgotten what satisfying experience writing on paper is. Somehow the writing process is different when I’m scribbling in a journal and the thoughts flow more freely. I think it’s because when you’re writing on a computer you’re editing as you write. When I’m writing on paper it’s more important that I get all my thoughts down and I can worry about editing later. Well I bought myself a paper journal few months ago. There have been numerous times lately I attempted to keep a written journal but I always lose the habit after a few days since there’s always my blog/online journal where I usually find it more convenient to chronicle down the things that I want.

To be honest, there’s something new in a funny sort of way, having a journal / notebook again keeps my sanity intact. It gives me an illusion that my life is organized, that I have an active social life, that I have plans to pursue, and that some time within the days or weeks I get to cross out items in my wish lists. It becomes an outlet for creativity too it makes my life look colorful. Take all these things aside; at least I have something to look back to when the months or year over. In fact writing it is sort of talent you use which many do not have the opportunity of having. People just love writing, and it doesn’t matter if it’s good writing, or bad writing. It is the nature of human kind to record events. Luckily I have my notebook or paper journal again to do the revolving.

The fact that you have to use your brain, constantly analyzing what you either saw or have done. I have a notebook that I bring with me everywhere specifically for jotting down stuff that I want to remember – quotes, thoughts, song lyrics, conversation snippets, etc. Sometimes when you wake up, you’re like “What was that”?! So it’s better to have notebook and paper beside you so you can write it down. Putting your thoughts down on notebook helps a lot, because you tend to express yourself better when a logical thought process is involved. Sometimes, what you mean to say doesn’t come out right when you’re face to face with the person.

Two days ago, I read through the paper journals that I kept throughout the course of  January, 1998- December, 2009. For the most part, I say a lot in my journals– I mostly update with work, choir & school schedules and to keep in touch with my inner thoughts and it goes all into my paper journals, and I mean everything, so much that I sometimes blush reading back on them and all the things I wrote without inhibition. So, after reading, I thought it might be a good idea to give you a glimpse of these journals, and all that I managed to chronicle throughout the whole time. I’m glad I wrote all of this down, so I can look back on these years from now and remember all the little things that happened, and I can hopefully learn from mistakes I made and be a better person, I guess.

I have anything to write about these days. I love to write about my feelings because writing helps me to document time. I always feel grateful for the things that I write. People say I have a pretty way of showing it, in my artistic expression of my view points in life through my writing. And I think I spend more time sitting down and thinking about the more important things in life and write them about. I thank God for tiny, wayward blessings that come in the form of food, people, clothes, and above-acceptable grades this semester. I feel especially thankful for things and people that pull me together – tried-and-tested friendships and unsolicited opportunities. But I don’t know how thankful I am that I am growing up. I truly believe that one cannot get through life with out writing and writers are born not made.


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