It is PNoy’s first 100 days

Professor Winnie Monsod weighs in and gives a “reality check” on the statement of PNoy regarding the first 100 days. As with all Mareng Winnie clips, this is a must watch! 😀 I noticed that in every President Noynoy’s speech, there is always a part where he blames the last administration instead of expounding on what he will do and had really achieved.  One of the nuisances of democracy like us! am still hopeful that the turtle like prosecution process will bear fruit in the days to come, like it or not, damn if he does, damn if he don’t will haunt him for the next six years if he fails to deliver one of his major campaign promise i.e. welcoming all Hello bigwigs to jail who trampled our democracy last 2004 and the systemic corruption that put this country to stand still for nine hellish years.

I don’t think anyone can turn around the country’s situation in 100 days. We should  give President Noynoy some time…but then again I will remain vigilant as a Filipino. Too many variables, too many distractions…in my opinion 100 days are not enough for a report card. To bring everybody singing the same sheet of music will take months or even years. Most of the problems he inherited from the previous administration are not overnight fix. One thing for sure, he has some plans for a better Philippines. Whether he delivers or not will be dependent upon on the kind of support he receive especially from the non-believers.

We might not feel it yet but President Noynoy has been a huge difference in the fight against corruption. My blockmate in Teaching Education   who brings in Tempur, Sub-Zero, Miele and other such brands into the country said that she only has to pay the correct taxes now that she does not have to bribe anyone in Customs. Is that why Rustan’s is kinda empty nowadays?! Hhmm, it is truly hard to be so used to not pay what the government is due. The new customs chief replaced all the frontline people, not to mention all the drawers are locked, etc, etc. That’s true… There were also some CCTV cam installed, but the best thing the commissioner did is to raise all the target collection good job on the new customs chief!

A lot of people were quick to rate PNOY on his first 100 days! Instead of rating others…..how about using the same standards (you used in rating PNOY) to rate ourselves? How we done enough? Did we make the Philippines a better place for our least unfortunate brothers and sisters these past 100 days? or is the usual lip service? If we demand change, we need to change ourselves too! NOW! Among all the nationalities in Asia, it is the Filipinos who need to have a sense of discipline. Honestly, that old slogan comes true: Sa ikauunlad ng bayad, disiplina ang kailangan. And that includes becoming tolerant, becoming less critical and becoming more open to advancement. The Philippines lags behind because of our government, and because of us. Some of us have misplaced values.

Government service has been corrupted to the point that it seems pretty hopeless to reform it. I hope President Noynoy does not tire of running after the crooks in the government. No doubt the former President Arroyo administration made it difficult for PNoy administration to move the nation forward with all the anomalies she left behind. But this is no reason for the delays of the instituting reforms. No big tax cheat has been sued. The Arroyos are still running free. PNoy’s cabinet is divided. PNoy should get his act together now. The President is the one who decides that. If he remains true to his oath of office and do right to his country, the citizenry would rally around him and no foe nor critic nor detractor, however venomous, could make a dint against his leadership and reputation. But if he follows the path of banditry and betrayal that was traditionally trudged by his class and his predecessors, then he may expect a coalition of forces against his misrule and misuse of power. He would earn a reputation worse than her college professor GMA. And if he would sully his name, he would also sully the name of his family and forbears with no hope of ever recuperating again. The ball is in his hands; the citizens await his moves.





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