En route to home land

As our plane begun its last descent towards the airport I judged it was going to rain that day. Later however I realized it wasn’t going to rain after all. The Cloud Movements which I took for rained down were actually smog hanging over skyline.

Fr. Enrici , S.J. reminded me of one thing – life does not only consist of dreaming, hoping and looking forward to our final destination. It is also about looking around and responding to the needs in the here and now.

We are aware now, for instance, that the smoke and the waste gases that we send into the atmosphere produce smog that contributes global warming. Many ills in our society are partly of our own making. Therefore, the solution to such problems lies not up there but very much here with us. Let us therefore get back to work and get involved in the daily social realities that call us to live according to the values of the catholic church.



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