Be alert in virtual reality

Internet is possibly the least regulate means of information transfer in the world today. There’s a lot of discussion on the internet at this moment as to which online threats are on the rise and its technology is getting more and more advance and sophisticated. The threats’ facing the online world is real, and should be everyone’s concerned. We cannot totally rely on technology firms and governments to protect us. That’s why self-protection requires self – education and constant vigilance. Once their back is against the wall, they will just pass the blame to us users — believe me. What‘s clear is that everyone who uses the internet has to make sure they stay up-to-date with the latest technology. The increasing popularity of attacks over the internet is alarming. With the many spams attack will more automated, will take several stages, and will be carefully timed and planned. The trend of attacks is directed mostly on social networking and some personal applications like Instant messenger (communication), and etc. The lesson I’ve learned about this whole thing the damage will be bigger, the losses larger. Do something now before it’s too late.

Here are some rules that we may use every time we go online:

1.  Do not be too trusting; be careful with what information you are distributing about yourself. Always make sure you know what you are doing online. Keep your security tools updated,all the time.

2. Separate business task from pleasure / entertainment activities.

3. Use encrypted connections. Always, put security and privacy as the top priority than looks.

4. Use personal firewalls and free email service for personal communications.

5. Always keep yourself updated both on the threats and the latest security solutions.Be resourceful. Google is our best friend

The internet is not good nor is it evil; it really depends on how it is being used. The internet is now part of our daily routines whether we like it or not, that’s why we should use the internet for the better to make life easier and not for pestering others. Be vigilant always.


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