It looks like Skype, owned by the new AT&T, has bought into Facebook. They had a press release few days ago. Just received a reminder to some friends about facebook: EVERYONE’S PHONE NUMBER IS NOW ON FACEBOOK! NO JOKE. Go to the top right of your screen, click Account then Edit Friends. Go to the left side of your screen and click Phonebook. Everyone’s phone numbers are now being published. Please re-post to let your friends know this is happening so they can remove their numbers if they want to by changing their privacy settings. (Privacy Settings-Customize-Phone-Only Me)

I’ve gone with this rule of thumb for more than three years on Facebook. I only place my cellphone for family. There is a way to customize it. Not all know how to customize. I would also avoid putting too much of information. The same for all the other social networks, but Facebook seem to be the most irresponsible of the bunch.


Is it me, or are these Facebook games like the bra color and the “I like it on…” sort of demeaning to women? Should “the power of women” be reduced to posting cryptic messages about bra colors and bags? And how exactly does this raise breast cancer awareness? Though really, the meme doesn’t do much to increase breast cancer awareness. Yeah, I dunno how you can get breast cancer awareness from just that.


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