Surprisingly Nightmare

Last night, I was having this dream. More like a nightmare actually. also it was the first time I actually was SCREAMING when I woke up. That never happens.

I remember in the beginning there four of us in a car. And one of them turned out to be a she-devil or something. And she was after me. So for the rest of the dream she was trying to kill me and nobody was around to help me! And she was EVERYWHERE and I couldn’t run away from her. There was several times where she almost killed me.

OH MY GOSH. She was the scariest thing I have ever seen. Once I was at the top of a building and I jumped off the side just so she couldn’t kill me. I survived but she was at the bottom waiting for me. So I tried hiding from her. And just imagine silent hill with the dude with the big knife and that lady at the verge of getting killed. That’s how it was.

And then miraculously I had a bat. And so I went after her and just took a hit right at her head. I could have sworn by the way I hit her so hard her head would have snapped off. But she just fell to the ground. And I started beating her face till it was mulch. But when I was just about to walk out of the building, I heard a scream, and she was running after me again!

Her face was back to normal. So I ran out of the building and then i saw that there were people again! So I tried calling out for help… But it only came out as a whisper. I tried again… still a whisper. So I shouted as loud as I could… and that’s when I woke up screaming for help. That was freaky. i thought the screaming thing only happened in the movies. i guess not… it actually happens. i wasn’t sweaty or anything. but i screamed. lolz.


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