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On Monday will be the synchronized barangay and SK elections

This morning, I was awakened by the arrival of a group of candidates for the barangay and SK elections. They had their barkers and supporters, who pasted their posters on the trees and gave us campaign leaflets. They were no different from the candidates of the May elections. Some candidates in barangay have campaign pictures, which were taken ten or twenty years ago. When they put their pictures of ten or twenty years ago, you can always be sure they are liars. They are not presenting themselves in the truest sense. There must a be a law against this campaign malpractice.

I used to ignore the barangay elections in the past. I considered the barangay elections as part of the process devoted for the do-nothing neighbors. I even derisively called it barangay pera…pera…lang yan…root of all evils….Now, the barangay elections are being taken seriously by the candidates and most voters. The polls have evolved as an integral part of grassroots democracy. Very different, indeed… People are now interested in barangay elections because of the Internal Revenue Allotment and the barangay share of the Real Property Tax. The poorest barangay in this republic has at least P 600,000 in annual income from IRA and RPT and 51% of it will be for the emoluments and allowances of barangay officials and employees. There are barangays with over P 100 million in annual disbursable funds. This is why in Metro Manila you see barangay halls as big as municipal halls in the provinces.

If someone is running for public office of any description, why would they need a donation from you for a campaign? Surely if they were worthy of the position then people would already know who they were and what they were about. A poster saying ‘Vote Mr X for barangay captain’ is not going to influence me one way or the other. I wouldn’t vote for anyone i had never heard of before the election. Our western politics practice copied from American politics need corporate endorsers and fund raisers group supporters.  But, we can still find A HANDFUL of people running for a barangay post out of their patriotic fervor. At first, later, they will shed their skin or should I say scales when they get eaten by the system and become the person they abhor and replaced…….bottom line…..They start good, clean men. The system changes them and starts to love the power and the glory which Glory should really belong to God alone so they do their jobs well.


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