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what is life without a little complication, right? :)


I almost fell off my seat when I read that Mai Mislang was a cum laude graduate from University of the Philippines in tourism course, batch 2007. This means she is scholar ng bayan and as such, the taxpayers shouldered her education. She may have academic excellence but she is surely lacking on the basic values of what education is for. I remember in elementary and high school, we were taught Good Manners & Right Conduct (GMRC). This helped us with the proper way we should behave in public. This Mai Mislang ostensibly Lacks Breeding and without meaning to be sarcastic, I think she also needs our Compassion because she obviously was NOT taught GMRC in school nor in her home by her parents.

I cannot imagine all these people seating in high places who does not have any clue on what is GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT.Mai Mislang is not a kid, she’s an assistant secretary in the Philippine government ! In her linked-in profile, she stated that she’s a communications expert. How can you be holding that post & supposedly be in the fields of public relations and communications when you do not even know respect & tact.Secretary Ricky Carandang, defended Mai Mislang, it appears that people working with President Noynoy Aquino have NO respect for the positions they occupy in Government under his administration. At DILG, there is Under Secretary Rico Puno. Now, at the Office of the President in Malacanang, there is Asst . Sec. Mai Mislang. The Palace speechwriter and her boss, Sec. Ricky Carandang, are a DISGRACE to the Philippines and the Filipino people. That is what happens when
young and puerile people are appointed to high positions in Government they apparently do not even deserve. It obviously cheapens the rank of their positions.

Twitter is another medium – highly public & instantaneous at that. Public officials (especially alter egos of their appointing power) risk hurting sensitivities or breaching confidentiality when tweeting. Twitter has a “breaking news” element, but unfortunately speed comes at the price of thoughtfulness. I was told this Apparently she’s deleted her Twitter account already. But the sad thing, her tweets prior to the Vietnam snafu are still cached in cyberspace.Let’s not slide to complacency and take the blunders of the Philippine government, not least the Executive Department, people paid by the public are not there to commit basic mistakes. Have we not learned our lesson from the one who originally said “I am sorry” on TV? Let’s have ZERO TOLERANCE for avoidable mistakes. The sin of Mai Mislang is clearly AVOIDABLE that is why it is so SERIOUS.


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