Boxer Manny Pacquiao beats Antonio Margarito to claim WBC super welterweight title

You have earned my respect, Manny. 8 titles in 8 different divisions are no mere feats. Congratulations Manny PACQUIAO!! You make us proud!!! You looked like you didn’t want to totally knock out the enemy. Haha!!:0) you are so humble & kind. Also very prayerful. We are soooo PROUD!!! Mommy Dionisia raised you well. :0) David Vs Goliath! this time Goliath was Manny and David is Margarito – He missed his slingshot aim this time!!! :)President Obama wants to know if they can build a huge Manny Pacquiao statue to scare off Mexicans from illegally crossing the US border.Or they can also put up statues of banged up Margarito, de la Joya, Marquez, Morales, Cotto, Barrera, Diaz, Hatton and Clottey across the length of the US border, like those banged up cars they put at railroad crossings to remind motorists.

Poor me I just watched it on live streaming on the internet . The scores were 120-108, 118-110 and 119-109 in favor of the Sarangani Province congressman.Not only did he beat margarito, he destroyed him, I watched the whole couldn’t even see his face.

Pacquiao overcame a larger opponent just by persevering. Something we Filipinos should look at. We will never get to see success if we expect it in an instant. The road may be long, but the reward may be tremendous.Tremendously classy and compassionate guy. He spared Margarito serious damage (if not the worst) in those final rounds. That fight should have been stopped. I wish people here (myself included) could fully understand how important he is for your country and our world. We’ve waited a long time to see a champion like Manny Pacquiao. Such a pleasure to cheer for. I hope he becomes even greater outside the ring than in it…as hard as that is to imagine.


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