Praying for sobriety of the 2 Koreas.

Facebook is banned in China; I would assume it’s the same thing in North Korea. By the way my cousin been to South Korea by God’s grace last august and according to her it is a very nice place. A lot of locals that she talked to said they have relatives at the other side of the fence. War for them is non-sense but they have to be prepared. I think South Korea is not aggressive by her stories & observations when she was there. Come to think of it, they basically supply more than 50% of the food and power of North Korea. Moreover the guy in charge in North Korea has been just a total dictator (I suppose a lot of people in this world hate dictators), he should step down and let the people have a good life (but this of course is close to impossibility).

In the Korean War, the North Koreans were the one who crossed the 38th Parallel. History shows that the North Korean have been the aggressors hence the very reason why they are trying to create a very strong army. On the issue of the starvation in North Korea, of course North Korea will try to suppress any information that would put them on a bad light. But check on stories of those journalists who was able to get into North Korea and you’ll see why North Korea is getting desperate to get the embargo lifted. The embargo is there because an aggressive country like North Korea (put Iran also) has no right to have nuclear capability.

North Korea has been spending so much on their military but hasn’t done anything to ease the lingering starvation of their people. The best thing for that country now is to get Kim Jong Il overthrown. Liberal democracies will never go to war with each other = true or false? Liberal democracies still differ in terms of social values/culture, and I feel that decisions to go to war depend more on the culture/attitudes of the people, rather than the country’s type of political system. And not all countries and their people have reached a level where they are completely averse to the concept of war. They are characterized by rule of law, constitutional guarantee for various freedoms, and in a general a more tolerant society that is less prone to military action. They aren’t the same as illiberal democracies.

There hasn’t been any precedence in history where a liberal democracy has invaded another. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will never happen in future (I hope not!).The absence of evidence doesn’t imply the evidence of absence. This ‘democratic peace’ concept is just a tool to further the interests of existing liberal democracies. If the whole world was a single communist state, there would be no war to fight too, unless aliens come and fight us.

But in any case, if there was really an answer to this question, political science wouldn’t be called political science. It would be called science. I find it hard to believe if certain liberal democracies can justify war with non-democracies based on this concept. In reality, liberal democracy still has too many loopholes that one cannot safely trust democratic peace concept, the masses can really be asses.


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