December is Villains Awareness Month.

Just saw the evening news. My heart bleeds for Mr. Lauro Vizconde 😦 I found the following things very interesting today (aside from the events in work of course): Huber Webb’s acquittal (kinda strange, but it reminds me of “12 Angry Men” – cannot bring down a verdict of guilty unless it’s beyond a reasonable doubt) and Hubert Webb and Hayden Kho acquitted, on the same day. Meanwhile, people have already forgotten about the plagiarism case of the Supreme Court. I sense reruns of Vizconde Massacre movies in Cinema One and Kapamilya Blockbusters.Should we expect Carlo J. Caparas’s “The Hubert Webb True Story: Oh Lord, Why Me?”?

For 15 years, the Webbs were vocal about Hubert’s innocence. I don’t believe that ALL of them are innocent. Supreme Court, please give justice to Mr Lauro Vizconde and his family. The decision was made fifteen years after he was jailed and the circumstances were narrated in way that provides a completely different narrative and there was hardly any nuance in that new narrative at all in terms of the mistakes in the legal procedures that were followed. It was just too glaringly scripted. The new ruling portrays the proceedings of the previous trial as completely lacking in credibility when in fact so many witnesses testified as to what happened.

Really outrageous and it’s amazing how the interviews conducted by some magazines in recent weeks were written in such a way as to pre-condition the mind of the public to his eventual acquittal ; the guy and his family were bent on twisting the truth by shrouding themselves with religiosity… Justices being bribed is a no brainier in the Philippines, prompting Webb’s lawyers to write the decision. That’s why no matter how I want to believe the acquittal, my mind refuses. This is so alarming!

The media is trying to indicate that Hubert is the victim….they talk about how the webbs spent their Christmas in prison…etc… But what about the Vizconde? They are the true victim here…. the picture of him (L.Vizconde) in today’s news broke my heart! Let’s pray for him and his family.But my mom said: We don’t kn0w the real story or truth behind the massacre but hoping that Hubert Webb is really innocent & that Vizconde family will get justice!!!


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