the “killer highway”.

Today marks the start of the MMDA’s attempt to bring order to Commonwealth Ave. Hoping that it helps bring down accidents and fatalities on the “killer highway” .How? stricter enforcement of rules, supposedly. Clearly designating lanes for buses and jeepneys. Setting a speed limit. So far, my reaction to it is mixed, given the fact that Filipino drivers will only follow traffic rules if someone is watching. At Tandang Sora-Commonwealth, there were no enforcers, so the regular chaos continued.

random thoughts

Hot topic on Twitter – Big Bad Blogger and the PR firm.

Some people think its Anton Diaz but he denied it. I really don’t think its Mr. Anton. Why can’t people just say who it is!!! Who could this blogger be? And this PR firm? Many clues. Many suspect already. So curious!

I wonder if the food blogger has an active magazine column. I also wonder which PR firm actually has the lion’s share in marketing restos and food service companies. It seems that envelope journalism tactics are being applied to the blogosphere.I really wish this wasn’t a blind item. If the PH bloggers know who these people are they can really help a lot to correct things.

There was a law passed in the US, if I recall correctly, that requires you to declare if you received money or compensation to blog about a particular product or service.That’s what happened when bloggers became the pawn of PR “social media” agencies. There’s no difference between this and “envelopmental journalism” of old media. I was shocked to read this news it could be that the so called PR Firm has no relation whatsoever with Big Bad Blogger (BBB), and just keeps track of his blog to find potential victims. Personally, I don’t believe there is a single absolute authority on food anyway. So the damage that BBB can do is quite limited, especially if he’s the only negative review amongst several other positives. The truth will come out, no matter what.