feels so dismayed listening the Senate hearing on military corruption

Just thinking, on the military corruption scandal, why are people speaking up just now?Moving on, can we have all “witnesses” on all scandals come out already. I have been following the inquiries of senates and congress the past few days and I am appalled. In my view, the Office of the Ombudsman is populated by nincompoops, the Sandiganbayan justices trying the case of Garcia are morons, and the special prosecutors are stupid. Death penalty to all government employees, officials & public servants proven guilty of corruption over P500,000 anything less than that LIFE sentence will do.Let us see if these anomalies will not stop. HAHAHA….my opinion..or else if proven guilty cut the small finger for the first offense.Then still allowed to duty,so we can recognize who are THEY..what do u think?lol..