so rare that the world comes together for a happy occasion :)

Oh c’mon! That wasn’t a kiss. That was a smack. Or Prince William kissing Kat’s teeth.

I’m so sleepy….and too old to be doing all nighters watching royal weddings….good thing they only come along every 30 years or so….  Like a fairy tale, a prince marrying a “commoner” who comes from a millionaire family and yet, the Middletons are categorized as middle class ?? Hahaha! True loves still do exist in this day and age. I’m holding on to that dreams-do-come-true feeling :=) Goodness, the world needs a great love story these days huh? The news around the world certainly hasn’t done much for our well-being nor sanity. So, thank you Will & Kate for the warm, fuzzy feeling! I was giddy seeing love through their eyes. It is obvious that they are in love. And in a world where everything is done according to protocol, what we witnessed yesterday was refreshing. I hope that the two won’t succumb to the pressures of their fishbowl life. — Ahhh..sweet romance! And it gets even more romantic because the couple can pass as Hollywood icons. But hey, this is for real – so move over Hollywood! We will dream about this for long.The Royal Wedding proves it this time.  Time to rest…I am celebrating by getting my carpet cleaned today! :>

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Looking through MY Friendster profile before it gets deleted on May31.

  After nine years, Friendster finally stopped as a social networking site. You can still save your memories. If you still remember your account. LOL (“,). My account  was created in January 2004. Well, my Friendster contains quite a number of memories. I’m looking through  my Friendster profile now, I appreciate the messages and testimonials which are hilarious and fun to read. It’s good feeling  reading a friend’s messages and people impression on me back long time ago? :)Here are some of the funny and some are heartfelt testimonials I got:

Seriously, after years of letting your Friendster gather dust you’d suddenly feel compelled to archive everything? It’s like people being nice to/catching up with someone they abandoned a long time ago just because the person has a terminal illness. Feels like unearthing a time capsule from the past. Good times 🙂

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Beauty does not always come with brains. *facepalm*

This year’s Bb. Pilipinas pageant was poorly directed and poorly organized. Even the intermission was terrible. Nakakalungkot lang mga magpupumilit mag-English kapag -Q&A (questions and answers) moment na. They really should encourage the candidates to respond in Filipino if they’re really not comfortable with the language. They can’t expect every “beautiful” woman to be highly educated. Some will inevitably come from families who are not well-off.

Ayon sa mga siyentipikong nakadiskubre ng pormula para sa mga Beauty Kantest Question and Answer portion…Eto ang steps para ma-achieve winning Q&A moment: Una, turn the question into a statement. Halimbawa, “What are the three things that… make you smile?’. Gawin itong…” The three things that make me smile are…”

Matapos ay maghanap ng words na magpapatukoy sa iyong PURPOSE… Halimbawa, “…the things that drive me to find purpose, meaning and hope…” Mainam na maghanap ng mga title ng libro para ma-paraphrase sa bahaging ito ng iyong kasagutan.

Pagkatapos, lagyan ng verb na tila may call to action. Halimbawa, “… to make the the world a better place…” Tandaan, importante ang preposition na “to” para mas affirmative.

And then, banggitin kung sino ang BENEFICIARY ng iyong purpose. Halimbawa, ” …for my family, my countrymen and the children…” Tandaan, hindi mahalaga kung taga-saan ang children.

And of course, thank your sponsors. Halimbawa, ” and all …of this would not be possible without the loving support of my family, the opportunity given by the Bb. Pilipinas Charities, especially Mrs. Stella Marquez-Araneta and the grace of God.” Paalala: huwag tatawaging Tita Stella si Mrs. Araneta dahil hindi ka pa nananalo. Hindi pa kayo close!

And then close with a definitive but simple, “That is all. Thank you, judges, ladies and gentlemen.” Nasagot mo ba ang tanong? Hindi! Na-impress ba ang judges sa paggamit mo ng key words? Naman! Yan po ang siyensya sa likod ng Q&A portion.