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Looking through MY Friendster profile before it gets deleted on May31.

  After nine years, Friendster finally stopped as a social networking site. You can still save your memories. If you still remember your account. LOL (“,). My account  was created in January 2004. Well, my Friendster contains quite a number of memories. I’m looking through  my Friendster profile now, I appreciate the messages and testimonials which are hilarious and fun to read. It’s good feeling  reading a friend’s messages and people impression on me back long time ago? :)Here are some of the funny and some are heartfelt testimonials I got:

Seriously, after years of letting your Friendster gather dust you’d suddenly feel compelled to archive everything? It’s like people being nice to/catching up with someone they abandoned a long time ago just because the person has a terminal illness. Feels like unearthing a time capsule from the past. Good times 🙂


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