so rare that the world comes together for a happy occasion :)

Oh c’mon! That wasn’t a kiss. That was a smack. Or Prince William kissing Kat’s teeth.

I’m so sleepy….and too old to be doing all nighters watching royal weddings….good thing they only come along every 30 years or so….  Like a fairy tale, a prince marrying a “commoner” who comes from a millionaire family and yet, the Middletons are categorized as middle class ?? Hahaha! True loves still do exist in this day and age. I’m holding on to that dreams-do-come-true feeling :=) Goodness, the world needs a great love story these days huh? The news around the world certainly hasn’t done much for our well-being nor sanity. So, thank you Will & Kate for the warm, fuzzy feeling! I was giddy seeing love through their eyes. It is obvious that they are in love. And in a world where everything is done according to protocol, what we witnessed yesterday was refreshing. I hope that the two won’t succumb to the pressures of their fishbowl life. — Ahhh..sweet romance! And it gets even more romantic because the couple can pass as Hollywood icons. But hey, this is for real – so move over Hollywood! We will dream about this for long.The Royal Wedding proves it this time.  Time to rest…I am celebrating by getting my carpet cleaned today! :>


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