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Many thoughts in my head now

1. Its one thing when a good girl falls for the bad guy. Coz she wants to be what’s
good for him. And like she wants to be the one that changes him. That’s hard. But
if worse comes to worst, there’ll always be that good guy friend who’ll say,
“It’s okay. You deserve better”. Coz you’re the good girl. But if a bad girl falls for a good guy, that’s even harder. Coz then you realizes you’ll never be good enough for him. And everybody else could be the perfect girl for him. And that also means you have to be the one who has to keep running after him. Coz he’s too good to go after you. Maybe a friend can do the psychological thinking for me after all that what friends are for helping each other.

2. My spiritual director, friend and godfather told me the following after some sort of analysis about breakup:


Remember these words.

When you cannot control either the behavior/decisions of the person that hurt you or the feelings that arise while experiencing major heartbreak, you can address the frustration of losing your grip on the situation by focusing your attention on what you can control: your reactions and the way you behave. For the record, this does not mean you can and should keep yourself from crying. Crying is awesome. These words apply primarily to situations where your feelings can sway you to do things that are stupid or harmful to you and others, like suicide or emotionally blackmailing your ex.

It will take a tremendous amount of will power to do this. Believe me. Bottom line? Restrain yourself from impulsively committing harmful acts when you feel extreme sadness or depression. You can do it. This entry is not an attempt to preach or cure. I’m not a licensed psychotherapist. I’m not Dr. Chua. Don’t sue me if it doesn’t work.

3. Washing the dishes has always been my least favorite household chore. There’s just something about seeing left over food swirling around the sink that makes me feel like throwing up. For a nice girl who can’t bring herself to touch a speck of dirt for fear of contamination or whatever. For some reason, I kept washing the same dish over again because washing it wouldn’t make it squeakily-clean and shining. I think it had something to with menudo. Why, oh, why, did my turn have to come on a day when we ate something with tomato sauce? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to remove from a plate? Do you? Do you!?!? I suddenly had an awful vision of myself, 5 years from now, washing the dishes after dinner while my husband and dear little children are having the time of their lives in front of the TV. Everyday, until the day I die. I would be cooking cleaning and washing dishes. Is that what I’m getting my education for? To be my future family’s scullery maid? An eternity later, I finally completed my chore.

My back hurt from bending for so long and I probably made my posture more terrible than it doing already is. My hands felt rough and dry, and the scrapping made me break one of my nails. But there was something on the dish dryer and the clean, white kitchen counter winking at me that made me feel as I thought I accomplished something. However, it’s still a relief to know that someone else will be doing the dishes for the rest of the months.

4.Noong nakaraang na sabado napadaan ako sa Quiapo, ang dami kong nakitang bata. May matangkad, maliit, mataba, payat, malinis, marungis, mabango, mabaho, maputi, maitim, katamtaman – pero sa lahat ng mga katangiang ito, may isa kaming pagkakatulad – gaya ko, bahagi kami ng malaking bahagdan ng populasyon ng kabataan sa Pilipinas. Tuwang-tuwa akong makita silang lahat – iba’t –ibang hitsura, ugali, pananamit, pananalita, pagtawa, estado sa buhay, pero parepareho kaming Pilipino.

Ngunit naisip ko, bakit mas malaki yata ang pagkakaiba-iba naming? Iba ang kinamulatan ko, iba rin ang sa kanila. Iba ang aking galaw kumapara sa kanila.Mahigit 300 taon na pagkakasakop ng mga kastila, na sinundan ng mga Amerikano at Hapon – ito ang dahilan. Napailalim tayo sa iba’t –ibang kultura, gobyerno, pag-uugali at paniniawala kaya tayo ngayo’y nagdurusa sa pagkakawatak-watak ng ating lahi.

Pero sa kabila ng mga dahilang ito, sinong sisihin natin?Wala. Walang dapat sisihin. Nagbuwis ng hirap at buhay ang ating mga bayani upang mapigilan ang dambuhalang pagkakahati-hati ng mga Pilipino.Para sa akin hindi tayo dapat manatiling watak-watakhabang buhay at hindi nagakakaisa. Pilipino tayo na nakatira sa iisang bansa.
Hahayaan ba nating tuluyan masira ang ating bansa?

Ano ba maari nating gawin? Marami tayong pwedeng maging sandata upang labanan ang krisis na ito.

Unang –una rito ang tinatawag natin espesyalisasyon. Kung
magaling ako sa Matematika o Siyensya (Agham) , at ikaw sa Musika, maari nating pagsamahin ang ating nalalaman para makabuo ng mga mahahalagang bagay na makakatulong sa pag-unlad, tulad halimbawa ng isang robot na  android na maaring gamitin sa paggawa. Ang bawat isa sa atin ay may itinatagong talento at kagalingan. Kung ating gagamitin ito sa magandang paraan, wala akong nakikitang dahilan kung
bakit pa tayo matatalo sa ating laban kontra kahirapan.

Pangalawa, paniniwala sa dakilang lumikha. Dito bigyang-pokus, hindi ang katolisismo, o protestantismo, o ang paniniwala kay allah, kundi ang paniniwala na may nakakahigit sa lahat, na Siyang pinagmulan ng lahat ng bagay, na dahil sa pagtanggap sa Kanya sa kabila ng pagkakaiba-iba sa maraming aspeto ng buhay tumatanaw pa rin sa iisang direksyon.

Pangatlo, kultura mga paniniwala at kaugalian mga aral na
napupulot natin mula sa mga nangyayari sa ating kapaligiran.

Ang tatlong bagay na ito ay mahalaga sa paghubog ng isang
bansa dahil ito ang bumubuo sa ating pagkatao. Magkakaiba man tayo sa
pagdating sa mga ito, hindi marapat isipin na magiging hadlang ang kaibhan

Kumbaga sa pisika, “ang dalawang bagay na pareho ay naglalabanan, ngunit ang dalawang bagay na hindi magkapareho ay nagkakaakitan”
ika nga sa Ingles “like charges repel, unlike charges attract.” Ipinapakita
lamang nito na maari tayong magkasama-sama tungo sa isang layunin.

5. I am reviewing my mind out for taxation for the past 4 days and I even began dreaming about it. Let me share you a little about it.After a person dies, his obligation to the government doesn’t stop there. He has to pay what we call, ESTATE TAX.

Estate Tax is the tax on the personal (exclusive and conjugal) properties of a deceased person ( and we thought we could escape from taxes after death! )

For simplication, as there are a lot of rules, to compute for a deceased person’s estate tax, the following are some questions that should be asked:

Is the deceased person a resident citizen, a non-resident citizen, a resident alien or a non-resident alien?

Is the deceased  person, married or single?

If married, is their property divided by absolute community or conjugal partnership?

Does the deceased have properties that was given gratituosly? Was it already taxed? Is the taxed already paid? Have the decedents already claimed vanishing deduction for the said property?

The rules about it goes on and on as everything about it, from the gathering of the list for the gross estate ( the deceased person’s properties ) and the deductions ( yehey! we are allowed to have deductions! ) are rather many. But, I/we all agree on one thing, to be able for a deceased person to be a good “contributing” citizen of our country, he should at least have 3.0 Million pesos as per computation below.

Php 3,000,000.00      Gross estate

( 1,000,000.00 )    Standard deduction

( 1,000,000.00 )    Family Home

( 200,000.00 )      Funeral Expenses


Php 800,000.00          Net Estate


Php    15,000.00          Tax

+       24,000.00        ( Php 800,00.00 – 500,000.00 ) x 8% of in excess of


Php  36,000.00           Estate Tax


Hehehe. Just thinking out loud.

random thoughts

American Teenage Girls’ Idol

I thought Lauren performed a bit better last night considering she had sprained a vocal cord. So for the fourth year in a row, a white guy has won American Idol. *rolls eyes* All the American little girls must have voted last night hehe. TODAY is the end of the world because scotty won american idol. Lauren should of won last night.American Teenage Girls  only like scotty cuz they think he’s cute. first of all he’s not cute and can’t sing. The results may have disappointed but the grand Idol finale of 2011 is, by a long, long shot, the most entertaining of the lot! James and Judas Priest, Casey and Jack Black, Jacob and Gladys Knight, Beyonce, Mark Anthony and the sizzling hot J-Lo, Tom Jones….awoooo…. all relaxed, this is one heck of an impressive gang!

random thoughts

Who wants Aljur’s hotdog

When the fuck did a hotdog become healthy just because it’s tuna? Duh?!?!!

Why does he have to be naked promoting it? To show that he is ripped? I don’t know whey these people have to remove their clothes just to emphasize that having abs is healthy! What is really the context of advertisement? Any relationship between ripped abdomen and eating this food?All canned foods are unhealthy. High in sodium. As for a half naked man promoting tuna wll it only increases the incidence of body dysmorphism among the targeted population. As for the hotdog ni aljur well whatever it may mean, isa lang masasabi ko medyo maliit…long pero manipis.


Happy mother’s Day

shares (My favorite essay I made 12 years ago) 😀

Everyone has a different relationship with his or her mother. Some of us are very fortunate to have a friendship with our mothers, while others may even go as far regard them as the adversary. Most young people experience this particular rebellious phase in their lives, and while this may generally be perceived as a stage that normal and healthy kids go through, when it is finally over, scars do stay. Hurtful words would still have been uttered and offensive deeds couldn’t be undone. Maybe misunderstandings and arguments are a part of this special relationship between mothers and their children, but if we can consciously try to avoid them, then perhaps regret wouldn’t be so great when it comes later on. Here are the things we should remember when dealing with the most special woman in our lives:

She was also somebody’s child. We might not understand her position now, not having been made a parent yet, but she definitely knows we’re coming from. So, when we feel misunderstood, most probably, it’s the other way around.

We might not have asked to be born, but we definitely owe her our life. Children tend to speak thoughtless and ungrateful remarks like this when they haven’t exactly been having a great time, but then again, they don’t usually feel the need to consider all the things that have been done for them. Honestly? We take many things for granted.

Our pain is her pain, only double in magnitude. Whenever we hurt, she suffers everything along with us. We should never feel as though we are alone in our problems.

If she seems OA about our protection, and us it is because she has reason to be. It is true that we should not be stifled because of fear, but we must make an effort to understand her apprehensions. As long we still live with her, we must be conscientious about informing her if we are going to be late or whom we are going to be with. It’s not being a sissy; it’s being considerate.

Motherhood is one of the most important roles, so even in the heat of the moment, we should still try to go easy on criticism. Every little one is a slap in her face, considering that we supposedly are her source of joy and from the time that we were conceived up to the present, she has done everything she could to raise us to be happy and well –adjusted persons.

We only have one mother. Problems always have solutions and we should never think disowning thoughts or do anything drastic that could possibly sever ties forever.

She might not always know what’s best for us, but, chances are, she always knows better than we do. It’s a simple case involving numbers. She has accumulated more years and with the years came experiences. She has been around longer and she had more time to wise up. Never dismiss what she’s saying as mere blathering.

Mother won’t live forever at least, not in the physical form. Instead of focusing on our differences, we should try to work around them and concentrate our efforts on creating beautiful moments with her that we can cherish forever.

It is true that some of these points may not be applicable to everybody. Some mothers are not exactly as sainted as the one I had depicted, but I believed it is very rare that we come across of the V.C. Andrews variety. In addition, some people may have special women in their lives that may not technically be their mothers, but have become surrogates in the absence of the biological ones. In any case, we should all take time to manifest our love and gratitude to them not only when Mothers’ Day rolls around, but constantly everyday of our lives. Advance Happy Mothers Day!!!!!



Piece of advice to the fairly squeamish: watching the slaughter of animal is okay as long as it isn’t meant to be your food.

To the obsessed green eaters currently campaigning against the circle of life: don’t read this (I don’t advise any perfectly normal vegetarian to do so either). You see my friend has a huge farm some distance away with animals, which they don’t mind having killed for their guest.

Come to think of it, any animal about to be slaughtered was a celebrity and worth having our pictures taken with. After several clicks, the moment could no longer be delayed. We watched with horror as piglet was carried by his legs, pinned down, slashed at the throat, and we all know what spilled to the ground (am I being too graphic?). I couldn’t bear to watch. I can’t look! I, blurted out, half screaming “oink!” said someone else. Several minutes after his last breath, I could still hear piglet’s bleats for mercy during his final moments ~ the dead pig and all that blood, the scene also looked a bit similar to the cult rituals described and shown in some books and movies.

As I feared, mealtime was far from pleasurable. Piglet had been turned into “very rich mechado and menudo”. I was planning to go “oink” at the table, mimicking to my best ability piglet’s pained voice. But alas, I could not get myself to eat him. I only ate the potatoes and carrots with the sauce smothered on my rice.

Watching the killing of an animal is like watching a horror movie. It’s a cool, eye-popping and slightly traumatic experience. But it will haunt you afterwards, especially when “the meal” arrives at your dinner table. If those pieces of cooked flesh could talk, they would taunt you, “Eat me. Eat me. Mwahahaha!

random thoughts


I like just the way how my parents raised us – ate len-len, me and marie. From experience, from stories from other people, from observation, I’ve come up with my own guidelines in disciplining the kids. (Well, I don’t have one yet so I wouldn’t really know).

  • Scold them discreetly. Never in front of a crowd. It’s very difficult for the kid to adjust, embarrassed and all in front of people. Talk to them nicely, bring them to a corner and talk first in mellow voice. I hate seeing parents scold their kids in front of their playmates, in front of strangers. Kamusta naman ang self – esteem di ba?
  • When you need to hurt them, do so NOT with your hands. Teach them to associate your hands with loving, caressing and hugging. But get a stick or belt some other instrument to hit them with. Or much better to talk them nicely and explain the wrong doings they have done and explain to them the pros and cons probably the best thing is to give them punishment grounded them for example no playing their favorite guitar something like that. My mom knows that hehehehe….. I remember when we were kids and caught guilty of something kalokohan, my mom made it a point no TV, no playing  and etc. ewan ko na lang di ka magtanda…. so yun kaya okay naman kami 3 magkakapatid. Maloko kami pero alam naming salitang “limitasyon”, at may respeto kami sa Diyos at kapwa.
  • Ysa’s way in karate and taekwando class is something I like too very much. Whenever there are stubborn kids, repetition is effective. She approaches them and talks with hands in the back. Using fingers to point or make violent reactions with makes a lot of difference. If you’re annoyed or mad, talk gently. Shouting sermons are ineffective if you want to get your words in the kids’ head.
  • Teach your kids right and wrong. Give them a taste of the ‘wrong’ and find out for themselves that it’s a stupid thing. Teach them well, and yeah trust them too.

I’m speaking like I’m married with children. hehe, that’s the sign of  being old. Hope we continue to live in love and harmony.Oh, how I thank God for everything!

random thoughts


Ariel, my 10- year old cousin, was deeply disturbed when she saw a dead bird. She asked me where the bird will go. I answered that I didn’t know. She asked why it died, to which I hesitantly answered, “Well, all birds return to earth. “ At this, we both agreed to bury the bird in a box with paper napkin, accompanied by a little procession to the garden. As we planted a little cross over the grave, Ariel prayed, “Dear God, we have buried this little bird. Now be good to her or else… Amen.”

As we walked home, I said, “You didn’t have to threaten God.” And Ariel answered, “I just wanted to be sure.”

We may find ourselves in situation similar to Ariel’s that make us demand how God should be God. From that scenario I’ve encountered to my cousin I remembered that somebody once told me, “why pray when you can worry?” Is this not much easier than praying and not getting anything really in return? When we see those situations like that give God his place only then can the other things take their proper places. I believe that not to worry about unknown future but to live a day at a time. Real necessities and true value of life needed to be rooted in faith in the providence of God. Being “anxious” is being preoccupied or absorbed by the basic human needs to the neglect of the Divine Providence, a key value in our faith.

I always believed that when we pray then it does not mean that we get something in return but that our anxiety is being lifted to God so that he may understand our situation. God knows our capacities to face challenges more than we do.