Piece of advice to the fairly squeamish: watching the slaughter of animal is okay as long as it isn’t meant to be your food.

To the obsessed green eaters currently campaigning against the circle of life: don’t read this (I don’t advise any perfectly normal vegetarian to do so either). You see my friend has a huge farm some distance away with animals, which they don’t mind having killed for their guest.

Come to think of it, any animal about to be slaughtered was a celebrity and worth having our pictures taken with. After several clicks, the moment could no longer be delayed. We watched with horror as piglet was carried by his legs, pinned down, slashed at the throat, and we all know what spilled to the ground (am I being too graphic?). I couldn’t bear to watch. I can’t look! I, blurted out, half screaming “oink!” said someone else. Several minutes after his last breath, I could still hear piglet’s bleats for mercy during his final moments ~ the dead pig and all that blood, the scene also looked a bit similar to the cult rituals described and shown in some books and movies.

As I feared, mealtime was far from pleasurable. Piglet had been turned into “very rich mechado and menudo”. I was planning to go “oink” at the table, mimicking to my best ability piglet’s pained voice. But alas, I could not get myself to eat him. I only ate the potatoes and carrots with the sauce smothered on my rice.

Watching the killing of an animal is like watching a horror movie. It’s a cool, eye-popping and slightly traumatic experience. But it will haunt you afterwards, especially when “the meal” arrives at your dinner table. If those pieces of cooked flesh could talk, they would taunt you, “Eat me. Eat me. Mwahahaha!


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