random thoughts


I like just the way how my parents raised us – ate len-len, me and marie. From experience, from stories from other people, from observation, I’ve come up with my own guidelines in disciplining the kids. (Well, I don’t have one yet so I wouldn’t really know).

  • Scold them discreetly. Never in front of a crowd. It’s very difficult for the kid to adjust, embarrassed and all in front of people. Talk to them nicely, bring them to a corner and talk first in mellow voice. I hate seeing parents scold their kids in front of their playmates, in front of strangers. Kamusta naman ang self – esteem di ba?
  • When you need to hurt them, do so NOT with your hands. Teach them to associate your hands with loving, caressing and hugging. But get a stick or belt some other instrument to hit them with. Or much better to talk them nicely and explain the wrong doings they have done and explain to them the pros and cons probably the best thing is to give them punishment grounded them for example no playing their favorite guitar something like that. My mom knows that hehehehe….. I remember when we were kids and caught guilty of something kalokohan, my mom made it a point no TV, no playing  and etc. ewan ko na lang di ka magtanda…. so yun kaya okay naman kami 3 magkakapatid. Maloko kami pero alam naming salitang “limitasyon”, at may respeto kami sa Diyos at kapwa.
  • Ysa’s way in karate and taekwando class is something I like too very much. Whenever there are stubborn kids, repetition is effective. She approaches them and talks with hands in the back. Using fingers to point or make violent reactions with makes a lot of difference. If you’re annoyed or mad, talk gently. Shouting sermons are ineffective if you want to get your words in the kids’ head.
  • Teach your kids right and wrong. Give them a taste of the ‘wrong’ and find out for themselves that it’s a stupid thing. Teach them well, and yeah trust them too.

I’m speaking like I’m married with children. hehe, that’s the sign of  being old. Hope we continue to live in love and harmony.Oh, how I thank God for everything!


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