random thoughts


Ariel, my 10- year old cousin, was deeply disturbed when she saw a dead bird. She asked me where the bird will go. I answered that I didn’t know. She asked why it died, to which I hesitantly answered, “Well, all birds return to earth. “ At this, we both agreed to bury the bird in a box with paper napkin, accompanied by a little procession to the garden. As we planted a little cross over the grave, Ariel prayed, “Dear God, we have buried this little bird. Now be good to her or else… Amen.”

As we walked home, I said, “You didn’t have to threaten God.” And Ariel answered, “I just wanted to be sure.”

We may find ourselves in situation similar to Ariel’s that make us demand how God should be God. From that scenario I’ve encountered to my cousin I remembered that somebody once told me, “why pray when you can worry?” Is this not much easier than praying and not getting anything really in return? When we see those situations like that give God his place only then can the other things take their proper places. I believe that not to worry about unknown future but to live a day at a time. Real necessities and true value of life needed to be rooted in faith in the providence of God. Being “anxious” is being preoccupied or absorbed by the basic human needs to the neglect of the Divine Providence, a key value in our faith.

I always believed that when we pray then it does not mean that we get something in return but that our anxiety is being lifted to God so that he may understand our situation. God knows our capacities to face challenges more than we do.


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