Happy mother’s Day

shares (My favorite essay I made 12 years ago) 😀

Everyone has a different relationship with his or her mother. Some of us are very fortunate to have a friendship with our mothers, while others may even go as far regard them as the adversary. Most young people experience this particular rebellious phase in their lives, and while this may generally be perceived as a stage that normal and healthy kids go through, when it is finally over, scars do stay. Hurtful words would still have been uttered and offensive deeds couldn’t be undone. Maybe misunderstandings and arguments are a part of this special relationship between mothers and their children, but if we can consciously try to avoid them, then perhaps regret wouldn’t be so great when it comes later on. Here are the things we should remember when dealing with the most special woman in our lives:

She was also somebody’s child. We might not understand her position now, not having been made a parent yet, but she definitely knows we’re coming from. So, when we feel misunderstood, most probably, it’s the other way around.

We might not have asked to be born, but we definitely owe her our life. Children tend to speak thoughtless and ungrateful remarks like this when they haven’t exactly been having a great time, but then again, they don’t usually feel the need to consider all the things that have been done for them. Honestly? We take many things for granted.

Our pain is her pain, only double in magnitude. Whenever we hurt, she suffers everything along with us. We should never feel as though we are alone in our problems.

If she seems OA about our protection, and us it is because she has reason to be. It is true that we should not be stifled because of fear, but we must make an effort to understand her apprehensions. As long we still live with her, we must be conscientious about informing her if we are going to be late or whom we are going to be with. It’s not being a sissy; it’s being considerate.

Motherhood is one of the most important roles, so even in the heat of the moment, we should still try to go easy on criticism. Every little one is a slap in her face, considering that we supposedly are her source of joy and from the time that we were conceived up to the present, she has done everything she could to raise us to be happy and well –adjusted persons.

We only have one mother. Problems always have solutions and we should never think disowning thoughts or do anything drastic that could possibly sever ties forever.

She might not always know what’s best for us, but, chances are, she always knows better than we do. It’s a simple case involving numbers. She has accumulated more years and with the years came experiences. She has been around longer and she had more time to wise up. Never dismiss what she’s saying as mere blathering.

Mother won’t live forever at least, not in the physical form. Instead of focusing on our differences, we should try to work around them and concentrate our efforts on creating beautiful moments with her that we can cherish forever.

It is true that some of these points may not be applicable to everybody. Some mothers are not exactly as sainted as the one I had depicted, but I believed it is very rare that we come across of the V.C. Andrews variety. In addition, some people may have special women in their lives that may not technically be their mothers, but have become surrogates in the absence of the biological ones. In any case, we should all take time to manifest our love and gratitude to them not only when Mothers’ Day rolls around, but constantly everyday of our lives. Advance Happy Mothers Day!!!!!


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