Can I be your friend?

What our real lives would look like if we lived them like we live our online lives. I quite enjoyed the “I’m gunna follow you now” scenario.Digital life used to be simple. I don’t know when or how it exactly happened, but all of a sudden, we just became too much attached to the Internet world particular to the social networking .When an online community is used by a social applications software, the software is designed to go certain limitations on the users of the software and how relationships are being formed, particularly when people make initial contact, by means of adding them to be a friend or accepting the invitation to connect . The good thing of this is the users’ behavior has limitations because the software sets a rules of limit on the amount of contact they have with others, as opposed to the offline world where the boundaries of interpersonal relationship and appropriate behavior direct on  societal norms and standards , which can easily be broken, most of the times.

Many users of social network enjoy the benefits that brings in keeping touch with their friends, as well as finding friends they have not seen in years. Facebook still remains the most widely used social networks, extension of the social lives of today’s computer-literates people. Most of the social networks are easy to use, and most users find it thrilling to see who is connected to whom, as well as tracing people or meeting people on the net that they might not have been able to otherwise meet. But just like in the offline world, one should be careful when it comes to dealing with the strangers they meet on the cyber world and learn to not invest so much attention and time on them. Social network can be easily affected on to real life, they are still vulnerable and a possibility that users might put too much information of themselves, and the mere fact that it is very easy to make a fake profile of a fictional character makes it hard to make a genuine relationship with strangers. Unless users have friends who can assures for the credibility of the people who try to add or befriend them, it is never a nice idea to trust someone you only encountered in the cyber world. And this does not apply for the Internet, but for real world as well.



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