Azkals = baby steps! the important thing is the starting gun has been fired

That was a beautiful goal by Schrocky! =)

It was an honor to cheer for our national team. The World Cup dream didn’t end last night, it only just began 🙂 This is only the beginning. We didn’t even bother sending a team to try to qualify for the last world cup. Now we reached 2nd round. Not bad at all. Everybody ♥’s Azkals when you’re winning, but who still *stays* when it’s already a lost. But in fairness, most of the people who watched live last night didn’t just ABANDON the team before the game was over. They still stayed to cheer on the Azkals after the match.

Kuwait indeed has a more matured Football system than the Philippines. Good thing is that the sport has already set its foothold on Philippine soil and hopefully someday, Filipinos will realize that it is the sport suitable for us than basketball. Football is a Sport in the Middle East that already institutionalized, they have professional clubs over there while we don’t even have a *proper* pitch.

People should realize that winning or even just qualifying for the World Cup isn’t going to happen *overnight* or even a few years. For AZKALS should take it as a humbling experience. Fame and attention can really get into anybody’s head. It’s just a little reminder from God that “hey, I am the almighty. I can make or break you. So be humble.” heheheh. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! 🙂

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There’s hope for the Philippines!

"Amusing" photo from VICTORINA BLOG.The SONA (Sister of Noynoy Aquino...JOKE...)

I just watched the SONA (State of the Nation Address)of President Noy. I will say that I do like the part of the SONA where PNoy reminds us to say thank you to Filipinos who do their jobs well. Gratitude is always a good attitude. I was so happy by all of his achievements this year.And felt proud of him being our President. And I would say he did a good job! 🙂 I agree with his points, his vision of a progressive Philippines that he is attempting to show as well as the transformation he is encouraging in all of us. 🙂 Two thumbs up to him and all of us, the FILIPINO NATION! 😉

Congratulation to President Aquino! Yes, there is a red light with regards to government people who have been there way back, still doing their corrupt ways no matter who is the president. Long after President Aquino concludes his term, those corrupt government people will continue with their ways. Sadly. Sociopaths have no conscience.

Let’s hope Pres. Aquino will be able to zero in on these people and make the necessary action. Let’s pray more good people get into government. And pray for visionary leadership. I’m glad Pres. Noy is doing the right thing by seeking accountability for all the corruption unleashed by the the  former Pres. Arroyo administration. Former Pres. Arroyo should be jailed for plunder and economic mismanagement. People know the former president  Arroyo and family stole a whole lot. Pres.Noy deserves the support of the Filipino people never mind the initial stumbles. Here’s the English translation of the President’s speech which I thought was good: .


The grand space shuttle program comes to an end!

Space Shuttle Atlantis lands 5:56am EDT (5:56 pm Philippine Time) — the last Shuttle mission ever is coming to an end. Watch the landing on NASA TV The U.S. astronauts up in Space Shuttle Atlantis for the last time as the Shuttle Program comes to an end. May the astronauts have a safe journey home and God Bless!

Planetarium in SM Mall of Asia (MOA)

So who else is on google+? :-)

The new Social network google launched. Right now it’s by invitation only . I can see in the future, Google’s tremendous power with plus…. I think it is quite snobbish to be on invite only basis, I Google the G+… it will be the next Facebook they said because of better graphics, better ingratiation, and you can have separate windows (groups) where you can keep your posts separate from one another… you can also have group talks, and so on . Right now is the beginning stages, so people just want to get in to see and play with it.I just started my Google+ page. It’s just like Facebook….Only with the video thingies? If I have all my stuff in facebook, why do I need to move to Google+, or even have another social network page? One is enough.