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There’s hope for the Philippines!

"Amusing" photo from VICTORINA BLOG.The SONA (Sister of Noynoy Aquino...JOKE...)

I just watched the SONA (State of the Nation Address)of President Noy. I will say that I do like the part of the SONA where PNoy reminds us to say thank you to Filipinos who do their jobs well. Gratitude is always a good attitude. I was so happy by all of his achievements this year.And felt proud of him being our President. And I would say he did a good job! 🙂 I agree with his points, his vision of a progressive Philippines that he is attempting to show as well as the transformation he is encouraging in all of us. 🙂 Two thumbs up to him and all of us, the FILIPINO NATION! 😉

Congratulation to President Aquino! Yes, there is a red light with regards to government people who have been there way back, still doing their corrupt ways no matter who is the president. Long after President Aquino concludes his term, those corrupt government people will continue with their ways. Sadly. Sociopaths have no conscience.

Let’s hope Pres. Aquino will be able to zero in on these people and make the necessary action. Let’s pray more good people get into government. And pray for visionary leadership. I’m glad Pres. Noy is doing the right thing by seeking accountability for all the corruption unleashed by the the  former Pres. Arroyo administration. Former Pres. Arroyo should be jailed for plunder and economic mismanagement. People know the former president  Arroyo and family stole a whole lot. Pres.Noy deserves the support of the Filipino people never mind the initial stumbles. Here’s the English translation of the President’s speech which I thought was good: http://ht.ly/5Mk6T .


4 thoughts on “There’s hope for the Philippines!”

    1. THANK YOU for your comment i wasn’t expecting. Anyway,In last year’s sona of pres. aquino, it’s a warehouse full of rotting rice…now it’s 1 billion pesos for coffee. Nobody was charged and prosecuted for that supposed NFA (national food authority) scam.I am just praying that pres. aquino honest intentions wlll help the country and set the tone for honesty and that the bureaucracy willl indeed be more attuned to address the needs of the population instead of a government milked dry to support arroyo’s lust for power. Aquino obviously has very little room to maneuver and little time left to do this. A little positivity might help.

  1. To this day, my parents couldn’t believe Pres. Arroyo would jeopardize her family’s reputation. Her father was a good man, according to my father . My grandpa was Pre. Macapagal/s Chief legal Counsel .

    1. so you’re Filipino, that’s good. my elder sister reylyn and her family used to live in San Jose California. we have relatives in San Francisco . in all fairness, pres. noy speech had more content than the last time. He did not bash former pres. arroyo that much. I honestly don’t expect that ! So far, I agree with pres. noy anti-corruption, which is the main thing I voted for him. I didn’t voted for GMA in 2004 national election. Filipinos can’t afford to lose hope but government should be made aware that we are at the very last of the threads of whatever trust and confidence we have on their ability to uplift the people. The corruption and greed of the past leadership was just unsustainable.The Philippines tax system should be simplified to make it equitable. But it will still be pointless to increase government revenue if it ends up in the hand of corrupt government. If only pres. noynoy will have the foresight to push for a straightforward 15% tax just like in Hong Kong so he can give relief to the middle class. It will not be doable immediately but if he prepares the ground for it to be implemented in the third or fourth year of his admin it will mark him as a visionary. At the moment however he is completely helpless not certain of where to get the money given the bankrupt treasury left by the arroyo government.Investors are critical since they provide capital and jobs. Incentives are needed but i hope pres. aquino stops more mining companies from coming in as the arroyo government had done.Just as this AP article ( http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2011/07/25/world/asia/AP-AS-Philippines-Aquino.html?_r=2&ref=global-home) acknowledges that Pres. Aquino’s sabre rattling was for internal consumption, the fact that the article also focused on the sabre rattling for the NYT is for the satisfaction of American arms dealers and the US military to get into another proxy war. We lose, they make money! If Obama lessens the its military budget, it doesn’t have to cut social security and medicare. anyway,Let’s hope that the people he has taken in have the best interest of the country at heart.

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