Azkals = baby steps! the important thing is the starting gun has been fired

That was a beautiful goal by Schrocky! =)

It was an honor to cheer for our national team. The World Cup dream didn’t end last night, it only just began 🙂 This is only the beginning. We didn’t even bother sending a team to try to qualify for the last world cup. Now we reached 2nd round. Not bad at all. Everybody ♥’s Azkals when you’re winning, but who still *stays* when it’s already a lost. But in fairness, most of the people who watched live last night didn’t just ABANDON the team before the game was over. They still stayed to cheer on the Azkals after the match.

Kuwait indeed has a more matured Football system than the Philippines. Good thing is that the sport has already set its foothold on Philippine soil and hopefully someday, Filipinos will realize that it is the sport suitable for us than basketball. Football is a Sport in the Middle East that already institutionalized, they have professional clubs over there while we don’t even have a *proper* pitch.

People should realize that winning or even just qualifying for the World Cup isn’t going to happen *overnight* or even a few years. For AZKALS should take it as a humbling experience. Fame and attention can really get into anybody’s head. It’s just a little reminder from God that “hey, I am the almighty. I can make or break you. So be humble.” heheheh. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Azkals = baby steps! the important thing is the starting gun has been fired”

  1. I hear the Philippines just loves basketball. But basketball is a sports for tall people. Over here, 6’4″ is considered short by NBA standards,,, and college teams have really tall players too ( that’s where NBA gets its players anyways. ) So, it really would make so much sense if filipinos concentrate on sports where height wouldn’t matter. Soccer is a good one. Americans have started to take notice of this sports ( I love soccer though ) , too.

    1. Hi, thanks for dropping by!:) Speaking of basketball see this youtube video : . The day is fast approaching. Soon, China will also beat the USA even in Olympic basketball. ;p . haha this is soooo American. They have to make marketing stuff like this just to convince their public. They could all opt to just read the news. I think that would be cheaper than funding a production like this hahaha.An Australian boss of mine before who lives in HK (more than 20 years) tells me that the expected bubble bust in china may not happen. although big companies are using credit, the average Chinese have savings. they buy land/condo units all in cash. how can there be a bust if there is no bubble to begin with? It’s pretty much reflective of ethnic “stereotypes” – Chinese = savings, American = consumption beyond one’s means.Other news, speaking of Filipino : As far I’ve known, they’ve already won 4 gold medals, and is gunning for their 5th gold medal. If we can cheer for the Azkals (162nd in the world) and the Gilas (50+ in the world) teams, let’s also cheer for our Philippine Dragon Boat team. Have a nice week !:)

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