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If only our “entitled” men would act this way…

What is so surprising about buying your own coffee? Can you imagine yourself getting publicized if you get your own coffee and carry your own bag? In China you can! Thanks for sharing yahoo news . A role model for many people in power, both in the public and private sectors. Heartwarming. Challenging. May our own officials be as humble and down to earth.It’s a bit sad how (rare) instances of common decency and humility are now viewed as remarkable behavior when it should be the norm. Wishing for the day that all government officials will be as humble and low-key as Ambassador Gary Locke. πŸ™‚ He is an example. I know people even lower in rank to that have so many alalays when they travel. πŸ™‚

This is so cool. Wishing for the day that all government officials will be as humble and low-key as Ambassador Gary Locke. πŸ™‚ c/o yahoo news the picture above.

A lot of Small Island Filipinos will get a gold medal if nitpicking were a sport

How can we appreciate this government of the good works they do for the country, if they do not know how to honor the achievements of their countrymen? The Philippine Dragon Warrior made it as world champs winning five gold medals and two silver medals at the World championship held in Florida. Congratulations!

I have faith in these governments, but if they refuse to honor what our Dragon Boat Warrior team has achieved…. I feel sorry for President Noy and his men because they always make poor judgment! To the Dragon Boat Warrior team, I am so proud of you! Again,congratulations!!!

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Why are there so many haters against the Azkals? For sure the PH Dragon Boat team deserves all the support, so why hate on the Azkals when they too had a period of struggle and no government backing? Both teams represent the Philippines so better to redirect your hate on the POC than on the Phil Mens Football Team, unfortunately, the mindset of the non-global Filipino is like that…it loves attacking the credibility of others instead of fostering team work. I think it’s called “small island mentality.” not impressive if you’ll ask me. Small island mentality it is. Maybe they should consider calling nitpicking a sport as well now. Who is full Filipino nowadays? Aren’t these the very same people who declare that they are “part Chinese part Spanish part whatever”? Plus these people have every right to represent the Philippines. They have the skills and background. Right crab mentality okay?

random thoughts

My moo & ube time

Can you believe this heat? Merciless. And when the temperature keep breaking records like this, food just seems to lose its appeal. My mother would slap me silly if she knew that yesterday, I ate good shepherd ube jam and selecta moo for breakfast, and dinner ~ not after breakfast and dinner, FOR breakfast and dinner. Naturally my family would tolerate me in my eating habits, as if they have any choice hehehe…I have to eat moderately, for the good of my health!:)