A lot of Small Island Filipinos will get a gold medal if nitpicking were a sport

How can we appreciate this government of the good works they do for the country, if they do not know how to honor the achievements of their countrymen? The Philippine Dragon Warrior made it as world champs winning five gold medals and two silver medals at the World championship held in Florida. Congratulations!

I have faith in these governments, but if they refuse to honor what our Dragon Boat Warrior team has achieved…. I feel sorry for President Noy and his men because they always make poor judgment! To the Dragon Boat Warrior team, I am so proud of you! Again,congratulations!!!

post from a friend in college@ facebook

Why are there so many haters against the Azkals? For sure the PH Dragon Boat team deserves all the support, so why hate on the Azkals when they too had a period of struggle and no government backing? Both teams represent the Philippines so better to redirect your hate on the POC than on the Phil Mens Football Team, unfortunately, the mindset of the non-global Filipino is like that…it loves attacking the credibility of others instead of fostering team work. I think it’s called “small island mentality.” not impressive if you’ll ask me. Small island mentality it is. Maybe they should consider calling nitpicking a sport as well now. Who is full Filipino nowadays? Aren’t these the very same people who declare that they are “part Chinese part Spanish part whatever”? Plus these people have every right to represent the Philippines. They have the skills and background. Right crab mentality okay?


2 thoughts on “A lot of Small Island Filipinos will get a gold medal if nitpicking were a sport”

  1. I’ve heard of crab mentality among Filipinos. That’s realy, really a bad thing! ! No wonder my parents hoped they didn’t have Filipinos as neighbors when they bought the house we’re living in now/ My parents say Filipinos indulge in one-upmanship, and keeping up with the Joneses. If the Filipino neighbor bought a 48 inch TV set, the other Filipino neighbor would buy the 52. New Benz ? … a month from now, the neighbor would have a Beemer.

    1. There are facebook statuses going around with the Phil. Dragon Boat Team (PDBT) winning 5 gold medals while the Azkals have none, yet the Azkals get all the endorsements while the PDBT is not recognized by their own government, among other things. To the PH Dragon Boat Team fans, why the hate? Give the PH Dragon Boat Team the support they sorely needs and deserve, but dragging the Azkals into the ground only shows crab mentality.

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