Typhoon was so scary! You could literally hear the wind.

Got this photo online (news). This was Typhoon Pedring looked like, last September 27

So last September 27 morning scary howling wind outside from the 2nd floor of our house woke me up! I’m so scared of the strong wind and rain… despite of the bad weather  I decided to go at work  and I almost fell into some construction going on near in our  building at work and my umbrella snapped. I should have just stayed home. There are only a handful of people at the building. Everybody in our family stayed home except for me. Haha.At least I got paid for the short hours around the office haha. Despite almost being blown away. I was supposed to go home almost as soon as I arrived at office however, I made a quick get away from the office  so I could eat delicious fried chicken. A couple of minutes later, thinking I need to be back at work  immediately, and a dog in the street who runs to me and ignores everyone around. And the owner says “That’s strange, she really likes you. Did you eat chicken or something?” hahahaha. Needless to say I got caught. haha.

Typhoon Nesat (Pedring), you are one hell of a bitch! If Ketsana (Ondoy) and Xangsane (Milenyo) were to have a kid, that would be you! Super strong winds, flying debris, shaking doors and windows, blackout, flood, rain. The Spiral at SOFITEL is knee-deep in water. Floods reached far inland Manila. So who said not to take this storm seriously? I feel bad for all the people who had to evacuate Sofitel Philippine Plaza 😦 The Walls of Manila have broken! 1st floor of Sofitel was flooded and many Bayside restaurants like the ones in Mall of Asia were damaged as well.  Tree crashed on a car along Mia Road, people inside were severely injured. MRT and LRT lines were closed because of intermittent power. Wave from Manila Bay crashed onto Roxas Boulevard, Ospital ng Maynila was supposedly flooded. Lots of trees falling. Definitely not good news.

I gotta admire the gays showed on the local news. They were posing fiercely on Baywalk despite the waves hammering Roxas Boulevard,Manila. If only I knew how to surf. I would’ve gone instantly to Manila Ocean to ride the waves. I wonder most of the times, why do we rename typhoons? To designate that they have entered the Philippin area of responsibility.Renaming weather disturbances with annoying nicknames creates confusion. The people of the Republic pay PAGASA for renaming weather disturbances entering the Philippine Area of Responsibility ( whatever that means ). Job well done.



Mis Supsup gave an honest answer according to her belief and principle in life. I’m sure the judges respected that and didn’t think it’s wrong… plus the Q&A is not the only basis in winning, all these beauties have been judged since Day1. I also liked Miss Angola… watched her in the prelims last week. Her advocacy for her country is amazing, truly a humanitarian with beauty and brains. But of course I wanted Philippines to win because  not only she’ll make our country proud but she’s also deserving of the title.

Yesterday Miss Universe was good but it could have been the best if our representative Shamcey’s won the title. Darn! I honestly think we should have won! I love her answer, it’s so honest. But I think maybe the judges were looking for a more religion-neutral answer (something along the lines of I will respect his religion as he should respect mine)…If only to make substance and smartness reign! Bwahahah! She deserved a higher placement if not the crown. But that’s not what the judges think so I guess we will have to deal with that.I knew that every single Filipino would have a Miss Universe opinions, I think so. Oh well, at least we gave a good answer this time! There’s next year!  It’s the one thing that binds us all, and there’s Pacquiao on November!

That question to Miss Philippines was a killer. Although the reply was spot-on, I think the judges were indifferent to someone who said her faith comes first. Maybe questions on God and faith should be avoided.  Questions that involve religion often produce tricky answers–I think most beauty contestants who pick such questions have trouble winning. The majority of judges may have thought Miss Philippines want to “force” her husband into converting to her faith. She could have meant that she would only choose a husband who loves her God. Still, I admire her response to the question. It was just luck that she picked a question that involved religion, it showed she had principles she was willing to protect and live by, which is often a lot to ask for nowadays, and she paints a good picture of your average Filipina 🙂

How reliable are all those translations by interpreters? I was intrigued to see Miss Brazil and Miss Angola using the same interpreter. Apparently the official language of Angola is also Portuguese, thank you Wikipedia. The next Miss Philippines should answer in her mother tongue so as to show that she’s proud of her origins…buy time to collect and organize her thoughts and answer during translation…the judges don’t really give points whether or not the contestant is fluent in English because it is after all called “miss universe” and beauty is UNIVERSAL! Kudos to the interpreters….good job to you guys…but the best is Shamcey…she stood up for what she believed in, and answered it all by herself.. After “MajorMajor”, I know that Shamcey’s signature term … He should love my God too.

If I had a chance I’d ask the contestants: Which one are you, a plant or a zombie? Will you side with the angry birds? Will you pick a blackberry or an apple? And do you watch Glee? Right now I don’t know what I would fear more: zombies or insurance agents. Zombies will kill you when they get to you; insurance agents will call you, then get to you and stay with you until the zombies come around. Our stars weren’t aligned with the Universe, Philippines! But no doubt our girl did her best! That question was the trickiest! I’m not sure  if everyone notice it but I saw Miss Korea clapping for Shamcey’s win…such a supportive roommate ….truly a great friend that Shamcey’s has earned in Miss Korea… =) Miss China said to Miss Angola backstage. “Congratulations!! You may have the crown but hey, it’s made in China!” LOL. Hilarious, joke! 🙂 We are so proud of you Shamcey’s thanks for a job well done!

Beauty and Brain. That's Shamcey. I'm so proud of her.And sooo....if you were Shamcey’s, how would you have answered the Question? "Love knows no religion, color or wealth, love unites rather than divide, it bridges rather than set people apart.....Having to choose between the person I love and my faith is out of the question. Acceptance is the key because love is our willingness to accept one another regardless of our faiths....Thank you, Maraming Salamat, Obrigada" subok lang..hahahaha OR I would choose not to give up my religion for love for if that person really loves me, He should accept me for who I ifs..No maybe's...He should love the entire me without hesitations...Thank you so much...

Rest in peace for all of those that had their lives taken during 9/11

Wow! Can’t believe it’s already been a decade since the 9/11 tragedy happened. Today marks its 10th year. God Bless America!

I suppose this day is as good a day to start my mega flashback as it is September 11 – the day of remembering how lucky we all are to be alive, the day we unite as one! Where were you when the twin towers got hit? I’ll never forget where I was, 2nd year college working my mini thesis at home about to go to sleep, everyone started screaming in our neighborhood trying to open the television and radio. Scared what was going to happen next? We need to remember that terrorists are only a small percentage. They do not represent the entirety of Islam. Please go out of your way today to be extra kind to anyone you meet of Middle Eastern descent. They have gone through a lot of pain and hate because of 9/11.

Terrorism is terrorism whatever the ideology that drives it – but they are only 1% of Islam. I know so many people of Islamic faith. I participate in Ramadan. You really have to know these people. They are smart, highly educated, and loving people. I would defend any of my Middle Eastern friends in an instant if anyone tried to hurt them. I love them. I don’t love terrorism. I think a lot of terrorists are mentally ill. I’ve actually felt this way for a long time…it’s so unjust. I really dislike people who discriminate others based on looks or religion or really any reason…We as humans don’t have the right to discriminate anyone.  So many wars are started over religion. You’d think after the 100 years war…that we’d learn…but unfortunately our society is so self involved they don’t learn from history!!

I would like everyone to say a silent prayer for all the victims and their families of September, 11 .It showed us that nothing should be taken for granted because one day you are here and the next you are gone so please tell someone how you feel about them before its too late……..Today I light a candle in memory of all the lost loved ones and to all the families and children! I pray for you!!


New Group Versions of Facebook

I really appreciate it when people invite me to join a group rather than just adding me.I had no idea that FB allows group owners to forcibly add folks to a FB group; I had assumed that a group owner/moderator could, at the most, simply send an invitation!

Back in the old days of Yahoo Groups, when they allowed group owners to forcibly add members/strangers to their groups, I always found it annoying, and I was graceful when they reverted to the more commonsense option of only allowing owners to invite members.I think people have good intentions and are enthusiastic about their projects…but need to remember that people are busy with their own projects and need to have the opportunity to choose where they are going to allocate their attention.

Perhaps Life is like Facebook. People will like your problems and comment, but none will solve them because everyone is busy updating theirs. 🙂 Although there will be the few who will take time to be there for you and really follow your facebook updates and keep liking, adding you to their fb groups and commenting to show support.

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Here’s a little something for you, Cha-cha. :-D

charlotte and I

It’s good to blog again ( or shouldn’t that be …”to post something”). Just kidding! For a long time I thought about posting something about my good friend and former colleague in work charlotte a.k.a Cha-cha ,  but I figured, the moment I met Cha-cha, I knew I had to write about her. The title of my piece would be “a short note of appreciation,” because glad to know all inspiring people like Cha-cha.  Ever since I first saw Cha-Cha a year ago, I knew that I’m witnessing one of the truly great people of all time. Cha-cha …the most thoughtful, caring, person I have ever known. She’s the kind of person anyone can come to for help.  Cha-cha have great personalities, strength of character, she’s multitasked and most of all loved by people. Hope you’re fine and always in a good mood, Cha-cha. If you ask me about my life here I’m okay with the blessings of our Almighty and merciful God. I’ll always remember inspiring people like you Cha- cha, which will still inspire me at any point of time your life journey and achievements brighten me up! You personally showed me that there are so much more we can achieve in life.

Thanks! All the best in life. 🙂

benggay, me and cha-cha