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Here’s a little something for you, Cha-cha. :-D

charlotte and I

It’s good to blog again ( or shouldn’t that be …”to post something”). Just kidding! For a long time I thought about posting something about my good friend and former colleague in work charlotte a.k.a Cha-cha ,  but I figured, the moment I met Cha-cha, I knew I had to write about her. The title of my piece would be “a short note of appreciation,” because glad to know all inspiring people like Cha-cha.  Ever since I first saw Cha-Cha a year ago, I knew that I’m witnessing one of the truly great people of all time. Cha-cha …the most thoughtful, caring, person I have ever known. She’s the kind of person anyone can come to for help.  Cha-cha have great personalities, strength of character, she’s multitasked and most of all loved by people. Hope you’re fine and always in a good mood, Cha-cha. If you ask me about my life here I’m okay with the blessings of our Almighty and merciful God. I’ll always remember inspiring people like you Cha- cha, which will still inspire me at any point of time your life journey and achievements brighten me up! You personally showed me that there are so much more we can achieve in life.

Thanks! All the best in life. 🙂

benggay, me and cha-cha

2 thoughts on “Here’s a little something for you, Cha-cha. :-D”

  1. Although we were friends, I can’t exactly claim that we were close friends.We never contacted each other on a regular basis, but we were always just a skype or text away. Friendships are most of the time broken because of wrong perceptions. Learn to listen. Learn to forgive. Learn to be open-minded. Treasure those you want to treasure. Throw away those who don’t event bother.

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