New Group Versions of Facebook

I really appreciate it when people invite me to join a group rather than just adding me.I had no idea that FB allows group owners to forcibly add folks to a FB group; I had assumed that a group owner/moderator could, at the most, simply send an invitation!

Back in the old days of Yahoo Groups, when they allowed group owners to forcibly add members/strangers to their groups, I always found it annoying, and I was graceful when they reverted to the more commonsense option of only allowing owners to invite members.I think people have good intentions and are enthusiastic about their projects…but need to remember that people are busy with their own projects and need to have the opportunity to choose where they are going to allocate their attention.

Perhaps Life is like Facebook. People will like your problems and comment, but none will solve them because everyone is busy updating theirs. 🙂 Although there will be the few who will take time to be there for you and really follow your facebook updates and keep liking, adding you to their fb groups and commenting to show support.


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