Rest in peace for all of those that had their lives taken during 9/11

Wow! Can’t believe it’s already been a decade since the 9/11 tragedy happened. Today marks its 10th year. God Bless America!

I suppose this day is as good a day to start my mega flashback as it is September 11 – the day of remembering how lucky we all are to be alive, the day we unite as one! Where were you when the twin towers got hit? I’ll never forget where I was, 2nd year college working my mini thesis at home about to go to sleep, everyone started screaming in our neighborhood trying to open the television and radio. Scared what was going to happen next? We need to remember that terrorists are only a small percentage. They do not represent the entirety of Islam. Please go out of your way today to be extra kind to anyone you meet of Middle Eastern descent. They have gone through a lot of pain and hate because of 9/11.

Terrorism is terrorism whatever the ideology that drives it – but they are only 1% of Islam. I know so many people of Islamic faith. I participate in Ramadan. You really have to know these people. They are smart, highly educated, and loving people. I would defend any of my Middle Eastern friends in an instant if anyone tried to hurt them. I love them. I don’t love terrorism. I think a lot of terrorists are mentally ill. I’ve actually felt this way for a long time…it’s so unjust. I really dislike people who discriminate others based on looks or religion or really any reason…We as humans don’t have the right to discriminate anyone.  So many wars are started over religion. You’d think after the 100 years war…that we’d learn…but unfortunately our society is so self involved they don’t learn from history!!

I would like everyone to say a silent prayer for all the victims and their families of September, 11 .It showed us that nothing should be taken for granted because one day you are here and the next you are gone so please tell someone how you feel about them before its too late……..Today I light a candle in memory of all the lost loved ones and to all the families and children! I pray for you!!


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