Mis Supsup gave an honest answer according to her belief and principle in life. I’m sure the judges respected that and didn’t think it’s wrong… plus the Q&A is not the only basis in winning, all these beauties have been judged since Day1. I also liked Miss Angola… watched her in the prelims last week. Her advocacy for her country is amazing, truly a humanitarian with beauty and brains. But of course I wanted Philippines to win because  not only she’ll make our country proud but she’s also deserving of the title.

Yesterday Miss Universe was good but it could have been the best if our representative Shamcey’s won the title. Darn! I honestly think we should have won! I love her answer, it’s so honest. But I think maybe the judges were looking for a more religion-neutral answer (something along the lines of I will respect his religion as he should respect mine)…If only to make substance and smartness reign! Bwahahah! She deserved a higher placement if not the crown. But that’s not what the judges think so I guess we will have to deal with that.I knew that every single Filipino would have a Miss Universe opinions, I think so. Oh well, at least we gave a good answer this time! There’s next year!  It’s the one thing that binds us all, and there’s Pacquiao on November!

That question to Miss Philippines was a killer. Although the reply was spot-on, I think the judges were indifferent to someone who said her faith comes first. Maybe questions on God and faith should be avoided.  Questions that involve religion often produce tricky answers–I think most beauty contestants who pick such questions have trouble winning. The majority of judges may have thought Miss Philippines want to “force” her husband into converting to her faith. She could have meant that she would only choose a husband who loves her God. Still, I admire her response to the question. It was just luck that she picked a question that involved religion, it showed she had principles she was willing to protect and live by, which is often a lot to ask for nowadays, and she paints a good picture of your average Filipina 🙂

How reliable are all those translations by interpreters? I was intrigued to see Miss Brazil and Miss Angola using the same interpreter. Apparently the official language of Angola is also Portuguese, thank you Wikipedia. The next Miss Philippines should answer in her mother tongue so as to show that she’s proud of her origins…buy time to collect and organize her thoughts and answer during translation…the judges don’t really give points whether or not the contestant is fluent in English because it is after all called “miss universe” and beauty is UNIVERSAL! Kudos to the interpreters….good job to you guys…but the best is Shamcey…she stood up for what she believed in, and answered it all by herself.. After “MajorMajor”, I know that Shamcey’s signature term … He should love my God too.

If I had a chance I’d ask the contestants: Which one are you, a plant or a zombie? Will you side with the angry birds? Will you pick a blackberry or an apple? And do you watch Glee? Right now I don’t know what I would fear more: zombies or insurance agents. Zombies will kill you when they get to you; insurance agents will call you, then get to you and stay with you until the zombies come around. Our stars weren’t aligned with the Universe, Philippines! But no doubt our girl did her best! That question was the trickiest! I’m not sure  if everyone notice it but I saw Miss Korea clapping for Shamcey’s win…such a supportive roommate ….truly a great friend that Shamcey’s has earned in Miss Korea… =) Miss China said to Miss Angola backstage. “Congratulations!! You may have the crown but hey, it’s made in China!” LOL. Hilarious, joke! 🙂 We are so proud of you Shamcey’s thanks for a job well done!

Beauty and Brain. That's Shamcey. I'm so proud of her.And sooo....if you were Shamcey’s, how would you have answered the Question? "Love knows no religion, color or wealth, love unites rather than divide, it bridges rather than set people apart.....Having to choose between the person I love and my faith is out of the question. Acceptance is the key because love is our willingness to accept one another regardless of our faiths....Thank you, Maraming Salamat, Obrigada" subok lang..hahahaha OR I would choose not to give up my religion for love for if that person really loves me, He should accept me for who I ifs..No maybe's...He should love the entire me without hesitations...Thank you so much...

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