Typhoon was so scary! You could literally hear the wind.

Got this photo online (news). This was Typhoon Pedring looked like, last September 27

So last September 27 morning scary howling wind outside from the 2nd floor of our house woke me up! I’m so scared of the strong wind and rain… despite of the bad weather  I decided to go at work  and I almost fell into some construction going on near in our  building at work and my umbrella snapped. I should have just stayed home. There are only a handful of people at the building. Everybody in our family stayed home except for me. Haha.At least I got paid for the short hours around the office haha. Despite almost being blown away. I was supposed to go home almost as soon as I arrived at office however, I made a quick get away from the office  so I could eat delicious fried chicken. A couple of minutes later, thinking I need to be back at work  immediately, and a dog in the street who runs to me and ignores everyone around. And the owner says “That’s strange, she really likes you. Did you eat chicken or something?” hahahaha. Needless to say I got caught. haha.

Typhoon Nesat (Pedring), you are one hell of a bitch! If Ketsana (Ondoy) and Xangsane (Milenyo) were to have a kid, that would be you! Super strong winds, flying debris, shaking doors and windows, blackout, flood, rain. The Spiral at SOFITEL is knee-deep in water. Floods reached far inland Manila. So who said not to take this storm seriously? I feel bad for all the people who had to evacuate Sofitel Philippine Plaza 😦 The Walls of Manila have broken! 1st floor of Sofitel was flooded and many Bayside restaurants like the ones in Mall of Asia were damaged as well.  Tree crashed on a car along Mia Road, people inside were severely injured. MRT and LRT lines were closed because of intermittent power. Wave from Manila Bay crashed onto Roxas Boulevard, Ospital ng Maynila was supposedly flooded. Lots of trees falling. Definitely not good news.

I gotta admire the gays showed on the local news. They were posing fiercely on Baywalk despite the waves hammering Roxas Boulevard,Manila. If only I knew how to surf. I would’ve gone instantly to Manila Ocean to ride the waves. I wonder most of the times, why do we rename typhoons? To designate that they have entered the Philippin area of responsibility.Renaming weather disturbances with annoying nicknames creates confusion. The people of the Republic pay PAGASA for renaming weather disturbances entering the Philippine Area of Responsibility ( whatever that means ). Job well done.


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