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A Great Start to the Week!

The SILVER one found its way to me, I recently bought! . 😀

Two days ago I bought the camera with extra memory card and many more features.  I’ve been wanting this for quite some time now, but it’s only available in certain malls. Finally, I got it! 🙂 Price of this camera is very affordable at all and at the end of the day, it’s about the quality of the pictures and not the price of your camera. I went for  the best price for the best specs that suited my needs. I am in the process of studying all of the features that this camera has to offer.My friend Ysa has a similar camera and she’s been helping me learn how to use it. I have researched this camera for two weeks and I am glad with the choice I made. So, next week I’ll be spending my October 26-30 (and the rest of my life) shooting photos of my favorite things.

The manual which I have to read it .I bought this, because pictures are very good ( as well as videos)
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Got that Super-Bass Girlfriend…even a ballerina princess can rap LOL!:)

I’m sure most have you have seen this by now, but I just had to repost. It’s so great!!!

I saw this before! soooo cute! I tried to memorize the lyrics of that song. but FAIL! i can’t rap!  I know! She’s so good! And to think she’s rapping acapella! Haha.She can replace Nikki Minaj in Super Bass . In fairness to her, she got confidence,  hahahaha little british girls can rap!!!! a-dorable!!

The rapping ballerinas have made it to Ellen!!! With Nicki Minaj appearance wow!! 😀


Former President Marcos does not deserve a state burial

This is why Marcos should never be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

The funniest comment so far on the issue about trying to figure out where to bury the Former PRESIDENT Marcos? “Marcos is the true icon of democracy for declaring martial law.” – Cherry Cobarrubias . She’s just practicing democracy by blurting out nonsense. If the former President Marcos did not declare martial law we would have not realize how important democracy was. The former president was a dictator, con man, liar, thief and downright evil person. So he does not deserve a state burial.  Makes me wonder how people will see him once all those who have been through martial law are long gone.What happened to People Power? We should always remember, never forget the Infamy of the Martial Law Years. To those born in the ’80s beyond, learn about our history.

Senator Bongbong Marcos, in reaction to the President’s denial of state honors for Marcos’ late father, says that the President missed an opportunity to “unify the nation”. If that means sweeping every atrocity and crime committed during Marcos’ rule under the rug, then so be it. Justice first, unity second. They are still enjoying their billions, without a conviction. and what was the presidents salary from 1965-86? There can be no reconciliation without restitution… and there can’t be no real restitution if there is no repentance.

We are, very sadly, politically very immature and unsophisticated and our continuing economic depredation does not help in breaking this vicious cycle. Pinoys, it seems to me, are really fond of shooting its own foot by continuously putting mediocre politicians with hardly any principle. Our moral values are destroyed. So ironic for a country that profess to be God fearing. I hope that we can keep on writing about those dark days of the Marcos martial law era so that people will not forget how horrible the former President Marcos and Imelda were! And also so that the younger generation would know too!


To a true genius and visionary, may you rest in peace, Mr. Steve Jobs.

RIP Steve Jobs. Thank you for changing our lives forever.

I feel terribly sad at the loss of one person I admired the most…Steve Jobs….. You’ve certainly made your ♥ MAC ♥ in history… He made such an impact on our lives. He’s like Albert Einstein with his light bulb. He brought a whole new meaning to the word “Technology” the day he was born. He brought a whole new meaning to the words “Good bye” the day he died. This really is a sad day…not all the money in the world was able to save him…it just proves that ‘health is wealth’. I wonder how Bill Gates feels right about now. I’m certain that despite the long standing rivalry with Steve Jobs, they’re practically friends. They brought out the best in each other and it brought about the products and technologies that shape our world today. I’m sure he’s really sad right now. Their Rivalry…made technology so great it was creative and innovative constructive competition.

I can’t deny the fact that Apple products have changed the course of our lives in this technology space, while he re-shaped the Film, Game, and Music industry through his ingenuity.We know iconic brands like Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, HP, Sony, Samsung etc…But do well all know who founded those brands? That’s how iconic the brand APPLE and its founder Steve Jobs, the whole world knows it. I am lucky and forever grateful to be part of a generation that’s able to see and experience JOBS’ brilliance. May you rest in peace, Steve Jobs, thank you for sharing your life’s work to the entire world and for the technologies that further improve humanity, and your legacy will live on forever. 😦  Yes, death is what we all share… We will all go there sooner or later. May your disciples continue the deeds and the vision you have started.

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To all my friends who are teachers, this one’s for you. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Love this pic, and more importantly Happy Teacher's day to all the teachers I know.....and that's a lot!!

I remember with gratitude my English Teacher in college who didn’t just flunk my terrible Marxist criticism paper but took pains to explain the theory to me 🙂 hugs!!!

I remember with gratitude my 1st grade teacher Mrs.dela Cruz, who took us outdoors to see how each tree was a distinct shape, and made us draw them.

I remember with gratitude my 3th grade teacher Mrs. Calamlam who made us do impromptu theater every Friday.

Happy teachers’ day to the people from whom I’ve learned a lot in some way, in and outside the classroom. your generosity has inspired me to share what I know,if you are able to sow even one tiny seed, you have already made a difference in the amount of harvest that child will reap in the future. May God bless you all more abundantly and may the passion to teach keep burning in you!! A big thank you also to all my teachers, from preschool to  high school at PNU  and my University professors. Experience as they is the best teacher. And being student of basic education is always a new experience every day, all the time 🙂

This truly is a wonderful story, Read this. Oh wow, this brought tears to my eyes.If you guys appreciate the hard work it takes to be a good and effective educator, continue teaching, inspiring and motivating the new generation to achieve what the past generations were not able to achieve. They’re the examples of teacher I like to thank for the path they have chosen. I wish there were more of them in this world. I share their dream of a Philippines where those who go into teaching are not only the passionate ones but more importantly the best and brightest too. Again, thank you to all teachers out there, who are doing great service to our nation. I am just so happy to see more people who have  not yet given up on our county.

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Anti-Angry Birds ?! Tsk tsk tsk tsk. See how technology can be so powerful.

Here is the photo of me with my key-chain collections of Angry Birds.This was taken a month ago.

Being seen and heard, Anti-Angry Birds article I am seriously irritated with the joke. Just because I can see EVERYONE’S FREAKING REACTION about it.  All the while I thought many people got this as a satire. I’m saddened that many people (once more) did not get the joke. What saddens me more however is the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that such a proposed bill could exist. In this way, I do not blame those who actually took the satire as truth.  If Filipino legislators kept on introducing stupid bills that do not benefit anyone, what’s this supposed to be? I’m going to jump from our office roof deck if this law was real. And laugh while falling. =))