random thoughts

Anti-Angry Birds ?! Tsk tsk tsk tsk. See how technology can be so powerful.

Here is the photo of me with my key-chain collections of Angry Birds.This was taken a month ago.

Being seen and heard, Anti-Angry Birds article I am seriously irritated with the joke. Just because I can see EVERYONE’S FREAKING REACTION about it.  All the while I thought many people got this as a satire. I’m saddened that many people (once more) did not get the joke. What saddens me more however is the fact that we have been conditioned to believe that such a proposed bill could exist. In this way, I do not blame those who actually took the satire as truth.  If Filipino legislators kept on introducing stupid bills that do not benefit anyone, what’s this supposed to be? I’m going to jump from our office roof deck if this law was real. And laugh while falling. =))


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